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First CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. Successfully Completed the Production Task in 2018 Qiqihar's First Electronic Certificate Issued on January 4 Nianzishan District Witnessed a Bumper Harvest of Corn People Enjoyed Joy in the Short New Year's Day Holiday Yi'an County Busy in Picking and Baling Corn Stalks Left in the Fields
  Local News    
  First 2019-01-16  
  Guangzhou Science Technology and Innovation Commission... 2019-01-16  
  New Achievements Made in Qiqihar's Post-Doctoral Resea... 2019-01-15  
  Feihe Dairy Development Symposium Assisted by Qiqihar ... 2019-01-14  
  Qiqihar Held Business Environment Assessment Work Depl... 2018-01-10  
  Yi'an County's Poverty Alleviation Products 2019-01-08  
  Nianzishan Winter Tourism Promotion Conference Held 2019-01-08  
  CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. Successfu... 2019-01-07  
  The Third Qiqihar Ice Hockey Festival to Be Grandly He... 2019-01-07  
    City Outline

City Introduction

City Introduction Qiqihar, dated from 1691, the 30th year in Emperor Kangxi's reign, is an ancient city with a history of more than 300 years. “Qiqihar”, also known as “Longsha&rdquo...
    Natural Resources

Resources Overview

Resources Overview (1) Land and Woodland Resources In 2011, Qiqihar had a land area of 42,469 square meters, arable land area of 33.56 million mu (15mu=1ha...
    Meteorological characteristics

Meteorological Characteristics

Meteorological Characteristics Qiqihar has a temperate continental monsoon climate and distinct four seasons: arid and windy in the spring, hot and rainy in the...
    Historical Evolution

Historical Evolution

 Historical Evolution  Qiqihar, located between 122 °24′ and 126 °41′ East Longitude and between 46° 13′ and 48° 56′ North Latitude and the Nenjiang P...
    Ethnic Minorities

Habitat of Nationality

 Habitat of Nationality In urban Qiqihar, ethnic minorities mostly lived together with Han Chinese. Because of historical reasons, national tradition and customs, and implementation of ethnic pol...
    Administrative Division

Qiqihar’s Administrative Division

Qiqihar’s Administrative Division Qiqihar has seven districts, eight counties and one city under its jurisdiction, i.e. Longsha District, Jianhua District, Tiefeng District, Fularji District, Ni...
    Economic Account

National Economic and Social Development

 National Economic and Social Development  Qiqihar has been actively advancing reform & opening up and economic and social development, with the a...
    Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports

Education, Science, Culture, Medical and Sports

Education, Science, Culture, Medical and Sports As an important equipment industrial base in China, Qiqihar City has abundant engineers, technicians and researchers with ...
    Places of Interest

Ang’angxi Ancient Cultural Relics

Ang’angxi Ancient Cultural Relics Ang’angxi Relics is a cultural relic of the Neolithic Age, discovered and excavated early, of high historical scie...
    Introduction to Conferences and Festivals

Northeast China Culture and Tourism Festival

 Northeast China Culture and Tourism Festival As the Chinese Outstanding Tourism City, Capital of Green Food, China’s Charming Ci...
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