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  • Our City Becomes One of the First Batch of Members of the "Northeast Tourism Promotion Alliance" 2015-10-19
  • Nehe City Invests 1.6 Million Yuan to Build the Revetment of the Village Road from Shuanghe to Jubao Village 2015-10-19
  • Bump Harvest of Cabbages in Tiefeng District 2015-10-15
  • Bump Harvest of Luhe Fragrant Rice 2015-10-15
  • The Alteration of High Platforms at Qiqihar Railway Station Is Completed and Is Put into Use 2015-10-14
  • Booming Joy 2015-10-14
  • All Paddy Rices at Hongxiang Hengli Rice Duck Rice Base in Baiquan County Are Ripe 2015-10-13
  • Nianzishan District China Youth League Committee Is Developing E-Commerce to Increase Income of Farmers 2015-10-12
  • The Grain Processing and Logistics Project Are in Construction in Nehe City with Total Investment of 160 Million yuan 2015-10-12
  • The Most Advanced Large Intelligent Cold Store Is Invested for Construction by Starlight Agricultural Science and Technology Park of the City 2015-10-10
  • The Interior and Exterior Decoration Work of Qiqihar City Passenger Transportation Southern Station Has Been Completed 2015-10-10
  • The Principal Project of Zhalong Imperial Hot Spring Project Is Completed 2015-10-09
  • Beautiful Scenery at Labor Lakeside in Autumn 2015-10-09
  • Visitors Lingering at Zhalong During “Oct. 1st” Golden Week 2015-10-08
  • The Process Technology of Shenge Pharmaceutical Has Reached the Leading Level in China 2015-09-29
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