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 Northeast China Culture and Tourism Festival

As the Chinese Outstanding Tourism City, Capital of Green Food, China’s Charming City and the howntown of red-crowned cranes, Qiqihar is the important base for the equipment industry and the howntown of ecotourism in China. As the second largest city of Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihar is the commercial distributing center of the intersection of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia due to its convenient transportation, vast territory, abundant natural resources, profound historical and cultural background and vast and miraculous tourism resources. Since 2002, with the theme of “economic development, tourism promotion, life enrichment and publicity of Qiqihar”, Northeast China (Qiqihar) Culture and Tourism Festival is holded in Qiqihar every winter in order to develop and expand Qiqihar’s unique Northeast China culture (including ice-snow, wetland, religion, exile and borderland), give full play to its characteristics of fast tourism development and strong leading role, strive to create the city tourism image of “World Great Wetland, Home of Red-Crowned Cranes in China”, improve the city image of Qiqihar further and strengthen the efforts to promote the city. So far, this Cultural Tourism Festival has been one of the most important winter tourism festival events in China.

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