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 Habitat of Nationality

In urban Qiqihar, ethnic minorities mostly lived together with Han Chinese. Because of historical reasons, national tradition and customs, and implementation of ethnic policy, the urban remains 3 ethnic minority townships and 28 ethnic minority villages. Of 25 ethnic minorities in Qiqihar, such ethnic minorities as Manchu, Daur, Hui, Korean and Mongol have a large population. Manchus majorly live in 6 townships of Jianhua District, Meilisi District, Ang’angxi District and Tiefeng District; Daur people majorly live in 6 townships of Meilisi District and Fularji District; Hui people majorly live in 3 townships of Jianhua District, Longsha District and Tiefeng District; Koreans majorly live in 5 townships (towns) of Meilisi District, Ang’angxi District and Longsha District; Mongols majorly live in 5 villages in Tiefeng District, Meilisi District and Jianhua District.

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