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Education, Science, Culture, Medical and Sports

As an important equipment industrial base in China, Qiqihar City has abundant engineers, technicians and researchers with strong scientific research strength, including 140,000 scientists and engineers, 42 provincial and national scientific research institutions, 3 national and 8 provincial technical centers. The city also has strong ability to produce, educate, research and develop.

Educational business develops rapidly. There are 7 colleges and universities, including Qiqihar University, Qiqihar Medical University, Qiqihar Institute of Engineering, Qiqihar Teachers College, Heilongjiang Communications Polytechnic, Qiqihar Technician College and Qiqihar Polytechnic College, of which Qiqihar University has top infrastructure among provincial comprehensive universities and its employment rate of graduate ranks top in Chinese colleges and universities. There are also 50 technical secondary schools and 257 ordinary secondary schools. Compulsory, vocational and special educations are all leading in China.

Qiqihar Circus Group enjoys tremendous popularity in the world, which frequently made performance tours to countries in Asia and Europe; Qiqihar City Repertory Theater made performance tours to Beijing and Shanghai many times and enjoy tremendous popularity. Qiqihar Museum, with gross investment of 37 million yuan, was officially open on August 26, 2003, which marked the progress of the urban cultural construction of Qiqihar and laid the solid material foundation for sustainable development of cultural undertaking.

There are 3,134 health agencies in Qiqihar City, of which there are 5 Grade III A hospitals. The city has made great progress in medical science. Qiqihar No. 1 Hospital has successfully performed liver transplantation, SPK transplantation and autologous lung transplantation, making a contribution to the medical history of Qiqihar.

There are 2 high-level national, 3 single and 18 provincial bases of backup talents for sports as well as 49 sports associations. There are 1,209 sets of national fitness facilities. The Labor Lake National Fitness Promenade, a National Fitness Demonstration Project at Provincial Level in China, was completed in 2011. More than 75% of communities have found residential sports leadership teams and those who often engage in physical activities account for 33% of the permanent resident population. Various sports activities and events are held regularly every year, particularly “Ice-Snow Sports for Million Teenagers” and national fitness hiking; also, a variety of events have been flourishing, such as loving care long-distance race, hiking, table tennis and badminton. Achievements of “Ice-Snow Sports for Million Teenagers” have topped the list in Heilongjiang Province for 33 years in a row and the National Fitness Hiking has been the image of Heilongjiang Province. The first municipal and county-level national fitness sports meetings were held in August 2011, in which a total of more than 40,000 people were in the field, being the biggest, broadest and most influential integrated national fitness meeting with the largest slate of events in history.

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