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 Historical Evolution

 Qiqihar, located between 122 °24′ and 126 °41′ East Longitude and between 46° 13′ and 48° 56′ North Latitude and the Nenjiang Plain in the northwest of Heilongjiang Province is where Heilongjiang Province, Jinlin Province and Inner Mongolia meet, bordering Suihua City and Daqing City of Heilongjiang on the east, Baicheng City of Jilin Province on the south, adjacent to Hulunbuir League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the west and bordering Heihe City of Heilongjiang Province on the north.

“Qiqihar” meaning border area or natural pasture in Daur, has a long history, and as long ago as the Stone Age, its ancestors began to live here. “Ang’angxi Culture”, enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad, is just the cultural relics of the Neolighic Age. Pangge City was built in the period of Liao and Jin Dynasties. In 1691, Qiqihar City was built and in 1699, Heilongjiang Martial’s Mansion was relocated in Qiqihar City. In 1907 of Qing Dynasty, Heilongjiang Province was established. On April 1st of the 25th year (1936) of the Republic of China, Qiqihar began to implement a municipal system, affiliated to the Government Office of Pseudo Longjiang Province. After the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, Qiqihar served as the capital city of Nengjiang Province, Heinen Province and Heilongjiang Province successively. In 1954, Qiqihar became a provincial municipality, affiliated to Heilongjiang Province, becoming the center of politics, economy, science and technology, culture, education and commerce in the west of Heilongjiang Province, with 7 districts (Longsha, Jianhua, Tiefeng, Fularji, Nianzishan, Meilisi, Ang’angxi), 8 counties (Longjiang, Tailai, Gannan, Yi’an, Fuyu, Keshan, Kedong, Beiquan) and 1 city (Nehe) under its jurisdiction. By the end of 2011, the whole city had 37 street offices, 256 community committees, 63 county governments, 60 village governments and 1,259 villager committees.


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