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At Most One Visit


 ——Qiqihar Powerfully Advances the Goverment Service Reform
The government service reform is a government self-revolution, which is the "subtraction" of power in exchange for the "addition" of mass satisfaction and the "multiplication" for stimulating market vitality.
Since 2016, our city has realized a "Three-Level Leap" in three years, from the integration of "One Window" comprehensive acceptance, to the informationization of the cloud system integration process and then to the intelligence of "System Integration, Data Sharing and Business Collaboration"-based government affair services.
Nowadays, centering upon the the theme "One-Window Acceptance, One Net-based Settlement and Unified Handling in One City", our city has brought in the Plan for Advancing the Implementation of Smart Government Affair System Construction and the Interim Measures for E-Government Management, and focused on advancing towards the work goal of "Providing Most Authentic, Thorough, and Satisfactory Services". " At Most One Visit " is becoming the most authentic portrayal of Qiqihar's government service, and has become a new fulcrum to invigorate the development of the crane city.
"Cloud + Data + Application" system allows data to replace the mass' errands
Deepening the government service reform is inseparable from Internet technology and informationized means. Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee of the CPC and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, attaching great importance to smart government affair platform system construction, have constructed two basic dual-government cloud platforms, four common application platforms for data sharing and exchange, government affair service coordination, supervision and credit information and six functional systems involving unified payment and identity authentication, forming the whole city's overall planned and highly intensive "Cloud +Data +Application" technical architecture, effectively advancing the smart upgrading of the " Internet+ Government Affair Services" reform.
With 51 websites and 13 key business systems completing cloud end deployment, and more than 20 business-related private networks successively opened up, our city has accelerated the pace of information integration and data resource integration, and greatly promoted data resource exchange and sharing.
Crane City Notary Office has become China's first notary agency that has realized multi-sector data sharing, with interface data calling taking 12 days, reducing mass errands by 912 times, the time limit for certificate issuance involved in all kinds of notarization shortened from the original 15 days to less than 5 days, of which the period for such matters as foreign-related notarization, birth, death, and non-criminal records has been shortened from 3-5 days to 1 day.
Reengineering Service Processes to Meet the Mass Demands through "One-Window Settlement"
Our city, starting with change of government administration ideas and administrative methods, adheres to he "Handling without Delay" of general affairs, "Handling at a Time " of complex affairs and "Handling Nearby" and "Handling Online" of convenience service affairs to advance the re-engineering of government affairs service process.
The main leaders of Qiqihar Municipal People's Government organize “Process Flow Examination” of departments one by one, with such reform measures fully implemented as commitment system-based tolerance of lack of minor materials, electronic license sharing and mutual recognition, service window arranged forward and the "Reduction, Merger and Transfer" of main process flow documents.
Our city has also organized the top leaders of 16 counties (cities), as well as the 42 departments directly under the Central Government, Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government and Qiqihar Municipal People's Government that involve approval matters and public service matters to improve their awareness and find problems through personal handling agency handling and accompanying handling. A total of 271 government affair processes have been further optimized, and the affair handling links have been reduced significantly.
Our city has also improved the approval service list publicity management system and accelerated department efficiency by making lists public. Depending on the online government service platform, all the service halls at all levels of the city have realized “one window” comprehensive acceptance. Our city has powerfully advanced the "One Window" government service reform in 7 districts and 9 counties(cities) and in each branch hall, and currently all branch halls and 7 districts have realized "Acceptance and Handling Separation".
Collaborative Business Management to Improve Government Service Efficiency
In order to completely eradicate the shortcomings of "People Running Back and Forth", our city has fully integrated and utilized stock information resources, straightened out the fragmented and segmentary service resources and information systems in each place and department and established a citywide unified online government affair service platform, realizing department collaborative handling of government affairs.
In the field of people's livelihood, our city has comprehensively promoted the “One Window-type Integrated Service” reform and achieved the reform goal of " Resolutely Saving the Mass's Visit to a Second Window " by implementing “One Form” application, "One Sheet "main document, "One System" collaboration and "One Platform"-based payment(tax) and advancing "One Chain"-based affairs handling.
In the field of construction engineering, our city has energetically pushed forward the integrated supporting reform, got rid of the single department for single matter restriction and deepened such reform measures as " Multiple Regulation Integration " and "Multiple Review Integration" in the whole examination approval process and the "One Form and One Window Joint Review" and "5+X " consultation for government investment projects.
In the field of commercial registration, our city has accelerated the reform of "Separating Permits from Business Licenses", realized "Reducing Permit Approval after Obtaining Business License" and "Joint Handling of Permits and Business Licenses", sorted bout masses of affairs by relying on the business collaboration system and advanced smart "Notification at a Time".
Creating Fingertip-based Government Affairs Service to Improve Citizen's Sense of Gain
Our city regards handling of affairs with one mobile phone and one identity certification as the goal of advancing convenience-oriented examination and approval services.
By creating the "Fingertip-based Government Affairs" and "Keyboard-based Government Affairs" mode for examination and approval services, our city can make the great majority of citizens of the crane city to really feel unprecedented convenience and benefits.
For our city's market-oriented operation-based urban comprehensive service " Crane city Online" APP, 38 applications have got online. On the basis of realizing such functions as query, payment and life services, 371" Non-Face-to-Face Examination and Approval" items have been opened up; a " Woodpecker Action" aimed to "Find Fault" with urban management and affair handling efficiency has been deployed and operated, and one-click photo uploading has been realized, facilitating the masses' timely reflection of problems.
Our city is dedicated to accelerated government affair service platform acceptance window being arranged forward and fully promoting the handling of high-frequency service matters at the district and sub-district levels, of which main household registration, vehicle management, real estate, and provident fund businesses have seen "Unified Handling in One City" in the main urban area and some counties and districts.
Additionally, through close cooperation between the service halls and the postal and banking outlets and the self-service terminal service function integration, application to the same city "Handling Anywhere" will also be gradually realized in our city.

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