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Five Highlights Presented in the Crane City's Tourism


 During the New Year's Day holiday, Zhalong Field Crane Watching, the Cute Pet World of Longsha Zoological and Botanical Garden, Spa & Wellness, Aoyue Nianzishan Skiing and Mingyue Island Cross-Country Skiing, etc. were popular among tourists from various parts of the world, showing five highlights:
The traditional Zhalong Field Crane Watching is still greatly favored by tourists;
Aoyue Nianzishan Ski Resort, Yalu River Ice and Snow Amusement Park and Mingyue Island Cross-Country Ski Resort have become hot spots;
47° N. Lat. Spa Home and Ang’ angxi Shuishi Forest and Spa Leisure and Wellness Tours are in great demand;
The only Cute Pet World of Longsha Zoological and Botanical Garden in Heilongjiang Province has attracted numerous tourists across the world.
Qiqihar BBQ publicized in the movie Hello Mr. Billionaire is greatly favored by tourists.
In addition, the Winter Fishing Festival in Meilisi Daur District and Nenjiang Winter Fishing Festival, Tailai County are being held in an orderly manner based on summary of experience from activites in the previous four sessions and are well received by tourists.

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