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Qiqihar's First Electronic Certificate Issued on January 4



On the morning of January 4th, in Qiqhar Municipal Service Center, Qiqihar's first electronic certificate issued simultaneously with a paper certificate was officially presented to the representative of Qiqihar Huaming Shengtong Auto Sales Co., Ltd., who came to obtain the Permit for Urban Sewage Discharge into the Drainage Pipeline Network, which is a moment of historical significance and a major epoch-making innovation, marking the official launch of Qiqihar's electronic certificate platform, thereby elevating the level of government management and services in an all-round way, significantly reducing the cost incurred by people in the affair handling process and exerting an important role in optimizing the business environment.
Li Hongguo, Member of the Standing Committee of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee of CPC and Deputy Mayor, was present at the certificate presenting scene and witnessed the issuance of Qiqihar's first electronic certificate simultaneously generated with a paper certificate together with citizens.
Electronic certificates refer to an electronic version of documents that are issued by units by law and have legal effect, including all kinds of licenses, certificates, approval documents, appraisal reports, and affair handling results, with the same legal effect and administrative effect as traditional paper certificates. They are main electronic vouchers for market subject and citizen conducting activities and handling affairs, and important basic data supporting the operation of government services. As an electric certificate is directly entered into the platform by a certificate issuing department, it ensures the authenticity and reliability of data, putting an end to the possibility of fraud through such technical means as digital authentication certificates and electronic seals together with citizens.
On January 1, 2019, with the implementation of six national standards, i.e. the Electronic Certificate Overall Technical Framework, the Electronic Certificate Directory Metadata Specification, the Electronic Certificate Metadata Specification, the Electronic Certificate Identification Specification, the Technical Requirements for Electronic Certificate Documents and the Code for Electronic Certificate Shared Service Interface, our city's electronic certificate platform was officially opened. People used to carry with them large number of certificates and proofs, which were copied and submitted repeatedly, for starting business, buying houses and cars, provident fund handling, notary certificate handling, etc. Now with the application of various electronic certificates, this problem will be thoroughly solved. It is clearly defined in the Measures for the Administration of E-Government in Qiqihar City (Provisional) printed and issued by Qiqihar Municipal People's Government in 2018 that the administrative agencies at all levels shall not separately required applicants to submit supporting documents with the same contents if they can extract and confirm the supporting documents through the government big data platform in the process of handling the applications of citizens, legal persons or other organizations.
Currently, our city's electronic certificates can be used in the affair handling links of the whole city's government service halls at all levels. With the whole city's unified identity authentication and electronic certificates, electronic proofs, electronic signatures, and electronic document management systems simultaneously embedded in the online government service platform, full-closed loop integration will be realized in the full-process online service, the submission of paper materials will no longer be used in more and more application fields and people can even have affairs handled without going to government service halls. A new government service ecosystem is quietly formed.
In 2019, Qiqihar Municipal People's Government will develop the "My Certificate" function module in the "Crane City Online" APP, and with all certificates handled by people linked to their respective mobile phones, thereby creating their own "electronic archives". People simply need a mobile phone to realize instant access to all certificates, which will eventually build our city into a "No Proof City".

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