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Qiqihar City Determines the Science and Technology Demand Direction


 Recently, Qiqihar held a work conference on scientific and technological innovation technology demand solicitation and determined the whole city's technology demand solicitation direction centering upon 12 key industry as well as dominant industries in counties and districts.
It was put forward at the meeting that science and technology work should be demand-oriented to exert the market entity role and give full play to the role of scientific and technological innovations in leading and supporting economic and industrial development by centering upon demands, with focus placed on domestic and foreign scientific and technological elements, research and development, incubation, and industrialization projects; the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements should be accelerated; 12 key industries should be made to become bigger and stronger and a batch of science and technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises, and science and technology leading enterprises should be cultivated. At the same time, six systems, including an industrial development demand system, a scientific and technological innovation, research and development system, a scientific and technological achievement incubation system, a scientific and technological achievement industrialization system, a scientific and technological innovation support system and a multi-level science and technology input system will be constructed.
At the conference, Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau gave a detailed description of the industry (enterprise) technology demand filling work. Deputy Major Yao Qing, relevant departments of Qiqihar Science and Technology Bureau and Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau and relevant leaders of competent departments of Qiqihar's 12 key industries, various counties(cities)districts, universities and colleges, scientific research institutions and technology-type enterprises were present at the conference.

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