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Yi'an County's Poverty Alleviation Products


 "Yi'an Goose is so famous that I have some bought every year. I didn't expect I could buy some on Central Avenue, which is such a rare opportunity that I must buy more this time, "said Mr. Meng, a Harbin citizen. On the morning of the 7, on Central Avenue of Harbin, Yi'an County Poverty Alleviation Product Exhibition Fair, which is to last for half a month, themed with ''Hometown of Brands'' and "Beauty of Brands", was officially held an Harbin Central Avenue.
Li Zhiqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yi'an County Committee and Director of the Organization Department of the CPC Yi'an County Committee introduced, "In order to ensure the continuous and stable income increase of poverty-stricken households, Yi'an County has been constantly advancing "Five Key Projects", i.e. the "Half-Mu Garden, One Mu of Seed Potatoes, One Hundred Geese, One Thousand Bags of Fungus+ Rural Unique Characteristic Industries" Consolidation and Upgrading Project, Photovoltaic Power Generation-Based Long-Term Safeguard Project, Financial Poverty Alleviation Invigoration Project, Training and Employment-Driven Project, and Asset Income-Based Poverty Alleviation and Income Increase Project". All the agricultural products we display to be traded here today are green and high-quality agricultural and sideline products, basically self-produced products from the great majority of poverty-stricken masses, which are not only the fruitful results of Yi'an County developing village-based industrial projects based on the actual situation but also the crystallization of wisdom of the great majority of villager carders working passionately day and night.
It is learned that the products exhibited this time are characteristic agricultural products of 28 kinds in 10 exhibition areas, including goose products, ceramics and fungi, highly praised by Chinese and foreign tourists, who are gathering before display cases, rushing to buy such products. The agricultural products of some characteristic brands like exquisite ceramics, free-range chickens, sticky bean buns and dried beans, recognized by Harbin citizens, have even led to snap up.
In recent years, Yi'an County has been sticking to unchanged development positioning of "Three Major" industries, i.e. ceramics, food and biochemistry and have created "Five Major" brands, i.e. "North Capital of Porcelain", "Home of Purple Snap Bean in China", "Home of White Geese in China" and" Hometown of Chinese Five-Colored Soil (Northern Purple Clay)", solidly advanced the "Eight Zation" strategies, including the industrialization of scale agriculture, clusterization of industrial projects and e-commercialization of characteristic products, made resolute efforts to do a good job in industrial restructuring and win the "Ten Major" battles against difficulties , including poverty alleviation and difficulty surmounting and obtained fruitful results by adopting a series of powerful measures.
Currently, Yi'an County has got a green food planting area of up to 1.32 million mu and 23 brands, Yi'an Goose and Yi'an kidney beans have been successively listed as national geographical indication products. Yi'an County has put forward the sugar, potato and goose "Three Increase Action" based on its actual development situation, and constantly accelerated its process of striving to create No.1 beet sugar production county in China relying on Dongfang Ruixue Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.; relying on the lead by large cooperatives, including Chuncheng and Hongliang, "Three Potatoes", i.e. instant potatoes, processed potatoes and commercial potatoes have entered the market simultaneously; Heilongjiang's first cross-county goose breeding cooperative has been established and Heilongjiang Duiqing Goose Industry, a national industrialization leading enterprise, has settled in Yi'an, further extending the breeding, processing and sales chain of the goose industry; Yi'an county is dedicated to advancing the shift of modern agriculture to high quality and high efficiency, increasing the money in the "Pockets" of poverty-stricken masses, and lifting them out of poverty to live a "Happy Life". Presently, Yi'an Country is sparing no effort to create such regional cards as "A County Strong in Potato Production and Sales in North China", "China's Base Liquor Waxy Sorghum Production Base"," High-Protein Soybean Production Core Area in Northeast China", etc.

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