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Kedong County: Dominant Industry Drives the County Economy to Continue to Exert Efforts


 Over the years, Kedong County, with consideration given to the actual industry situation and long-term development, has broken through its development bottleneck, expanded the development space, accelerated transformation and upgrading and spared no effort to strengthen the "Modern Animal Husbandry, Soybean and Natural Soda Water"-based three dominant industries and key industries of furniture and building materials, centering upon the "Grain Head Food Tail and Agriculture Head Industry Tail" development ideas while stabilizing its foundation, promoting the rapid development of county economy.
In the past, when Kedong County was mentioned, people thought of poverty and backwardness and a traditional agricultural county without location advantages, featuring primitive agricultural production, weak industrial bases, backward urban facilities, and muddy urban and rural roads.
Today's Kedong County has become quite different, with numerous high buildings, flat and straight urban and town roads, complete urban functions and thriving people's livelihood. The past small industrially weak and financially poor agricultural county has become known as "National Advanced Grain Production County", and "Heilongjiang Advanced Agricultural Industrialization County", and earned reputations as "Home of China's Fermented Bean Curd ", "Home of China's Natural Soda Water", "Home of China's Infant Milk Powder" and "Home of China's Non-GMO Soybeans".
According to a set of authoritative data, currently, Kedong has a number of 14 industrial enterprises above the designated scale, and the whole county's industrial enterprises above the designated scale have realized main business income of 11.2 billion Yuan, added value of 2.36 billion Yuan and taxes of 610 million Yuan, with an increase of 56.8%, 26.5%, and 44.9% respectively.
In the middle of winter, it is learned from Feihe Dairy Industry Co., Ltd., Kedong County, that the company has rows of modern plant buildings with white walls and blue roofs. In the dust-free intelligent production workshop of Feihe Dairy, with the conveying belts in constant operation, cans of milk powder are being labeled and packaged and sent to all parts of the country.
At the end of 2018, Feihe Dairy has realized its strategic goal of 10 billion Yuan set for its main business income ahead of schedule and become China's first milk power enterprise with main business income exceeding 10 billion Yuan. Feihe Dairy has won the gold award of the World Food Tasting Conference for 4 consecutive years, consolidating its position as No. 1 infant milk powder brand in Asia.
With the continuous development and growth of Feihe Dairy, Kedong's economy has entered the fast lane of leapfrog development.
Since Feihe Dairy settled down in Kedong in 2011, it has successively completed its 300 ton milk powder processing base, 10,000 ton liquid milk production line and 50,000 ton formula milk powder production projects. Centering upon Feihe Dairy's industrial projects, Feihe Daily has also constructed supporting Ansheng Agriculture, Borui Feed, Furuida High-grade Packaging, and Ruixinda Logistics Projects, forming an integral closed whole industrial chain integrating forage planting, feed processing, scale farming, milk powder production, packaging logistics, terminal sales and manure treatment.
Kedong County has also further thickened its industrial chain while consolidating the existing modern animal husbandry industry, and brought in Feihe Dairy annual 40,000 ton milk power production, Muyuan million pig breeding and Tengfei annual 3,000 ton rice flour processing projects, preliminarily forming an industrial layout of "Two Kinds of Cow and One Kind of Pig".
Through years of persistent efforts to grasp industrial projects, the "Modern Animal Husbandry, Soybean and Natural Soda Water"-based three major industries that Kedong County has been sparing no effort to construct have taken shape, with the increasingly consolidated and expanded industrial scale strengthening the county economy. In 2018, Kedong County has brought in the Annual 1 Million Pig Output Breeding Project, involving a total investment amount of 1.5 billion Yuan from Muyuan Group, with focus placed on breeding high-end beef cattle like Wagyu and Angus beef cattle to develop the high-end beef cattle industry.
Relying on the advantages of the main producing areas, Kedong County has supported Kedong Fermented Bean Curd and Yuwang Soybean to make them constantly bigger and stronger, constructed Jingyu Agricultural Active Enzyme Soybean Powder Project and Lianxing Mountain Spring Water Bean Product Project, with the whole county's soybean processing capacity reaching up to 180,000 tons, supported the rapid development of 9 water companies such as Shudayuan and Huiyuan, advanced new projects as Shudayuan Phase II and Longqinquan, brought in well-known enterprises like Henan Mingren, fostered new sources of income for county economic development, and helped Guo Clan Furniture, Mengxi Building Materials, Shihai General Steel Structure, etc. realize sound and rapid development.
The rapid development of Kedong's industry is inseparable from the good business environment created over the years. The whole county's regional GDP totaled 75 million Yuan in 1978 and increased to 4.81 billion Yuan by 2018; the number of industrial enterprises above designated size has grown from very few in that year to 14 today; the value added of industrial enterprises above designated size across the county has completed tremendous changes from 0 Yuan to 2 billion Yuan and the whole county's fiscal revenue has exceeded the 1 billion Yuan mark.
In order to promote the sound development of enterprises, Kedong County has increased efforts to optimize its business environment, adjusted and improved county-level leaders and departments guaranteed investment attraction projects and key enterprise responsibility systems, detailed division of tasks, and urged county-level leaders and departments to help enterprises solve the actual difficulties involved in project construction and operation development.
Over the years, centering upon extending the dominant industrial chain, Kedong County has further enlarged and expanded the modern animal husbandry, deepened the soybean industry, optimized the natural soda water industry and driven the dominant industry to upgrade by breaking the bottleneck, thereby opening a new chapter for revitalization in a comprehensive all-round manner.

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