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Jianlong Beiman Special Steel Hit a Number of Record Highs in March


 A year's plan starts in spring. In March in early spring, all cadres and employees of Jianlong Beiman Special Steel made constant breakthroughs in all work and brought good news from time to time by unswervingly taking a road of variety, quality and efficiency, giving fully play to the team spirit with focus placed on significantly improving competitiveness and daring to bringing out good qualities and assuming responsibilities, creating record high in terms of iron output, steel output, warehouse receipt and shipment quantity, showing a rapid development momentum.
It is learned that the ironmaking system has solved its production bottleneck. Each operation area, with blast furnaces as center, ensured the continuity and stability of the blast furnace production, the blast furnace operating smoothly in the entire month, all indicators significantly improved, exceeding 4,400 tons in terms of molten iron and average weekly output reaching 4,490 tons /day and up to 4664.4 tons on March 23, creating a record high, completing the budget target in terms of molten iron cost. The production and operation of the ironworks realized a virtuous circle.
The steelmaking system, closely centering upon low-consumption and high-efficiency production organization, couple with the molten iron situation, organizes production based on two lines, with the production organized based on 12 converters being put into operation per shift, 6 electric furnaces being put into operation per shift, commodity billet contract fulfillment rate organized based on 100%; the company has strengthened spot inspection and regular maintenance work, with spot inspection work summarized and analyzed daily, the inadequacies analyzed and rectified, a rectification plan implemented for the hidden danger found during spot inspection; the company has strengthened equipment accident and fault management, formulated preventive measures and conducted assessment of persons in charge, thereby gradually reduced the equipment failure rate and effectively improving production efficiency, realizing average daily production involving 45 furnaces (30 converters and 15 electric furnaces) in the entire month.
The Production Department responsible for product shipment closely communicates with the railway departments and the Sales Department, realizing the seamless connection of vehicle deployment and shipment, with the shipment task decomposed and implemented internally, the loading process under comprehensive supervision, all links actively coordinated to comprehensively improve the field loading speed, laying a solid foundation for creating a record high in terms of shipment amount.

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