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Striving to Make "China Crane City Rice " Brand to Stay in Business and Earn Reputation in the Market


 With the steady advancement of Qibao Rice Professional Cooperative, Qiqihar's first farmer joint-stock rice professional cooperative located in Chaoyang Village, Huamin Township, Longjiang County has attracted the attention of a lot of people, including Wang Zhaoxian, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the CPC Longjiang County Party Committee.
On the morning of April 6, Wang Zhaoxian paid a visit to Qibao Rice Professional Cooperative for survey of joint-stock operation, farmers' stock participation, digital agriculture, traceability system and development direction of the cooperation.
After listing to the report by Xu Gang, head of this cooperative and Secretary of the Party Branch of Chaoyang Village on farmers' participation into the cooperative, unified procurement of agricultural materials like seeds and fertilizers and the operation move of the cooperative, Wang Zhaoxian said happily that rural joint-stock cooperatives are import work advanced by our city and required that farmers' interests should be guaranteed and that each farmer involved in stock participation should share the dividends of the joint-stock cooperative to truly realize scalized planting and production, reduce the cost of agricultural production and lead farmers to increase income. Meanwhile, in this process, the system of rural socialized services should be established and perfected, with more socialized services to serve more farmers, which is the value of a joint-stock cooperative.
It is learned that Qibao Rice Professional Cooperative is a new" village collective + media e-commerce + farmers "-based joint-stock cooperative led by the party branch of the village. The construction of Qibao Rice Professional Cooperative, Longjiang County is an improve move of implementing the spirit of the rural economic work conference of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee by Longjiang County, Qiqihar Rural Agriculture Bureau and Qiqihar Newspaper Group and a pragmatic measure for emancipating the mind and realizing high-quality development; Qibao Rice Professional Cooperative, aiming at the large market of rice industrialization development, has placed focus on industry-based agricultural development and linked farmers, enterprises and e-commerce, complementing each other's advantages; Qiqihar Newspaper Group makes full use of its own advantages to work hard at brand planning, resource integration, project promotion and market expansion, become a driving force for the development of this cooperative; Qiqihar Newspaper E-commerce uses e-commerce channels to actively explore the market and ensure market-oriented planting and production; the Party Branch of Chaoyang Village, Huamin Township, Longjiang County, as the project leader, has advanced village-wide participation in the cooperative by calling on farmers, sticking to facts, reasoning with them and calculated the total expected income, forming a land scale effect. In the end, an operation mode based on "whole village advancement, participation in the cooperative with land, participation in the shock based on the land value, guaranteed income and dividends based on the number shares” has been determined.
Wang Zhaoxian affirmed this practice, saying that in the process of doing a good in the production and development of the joint-stock cooperative, besides grasping production and processing links, the chain of sales must be extended and key profit generating links of rice must be grasped and in-depth cooperation, mutual shareholding and bound development with various sales channel can be even conducted. The mode of Longjiang Qibao Rice Professional Cooperative must be perfected to play an exemplary role as the first joint-stock cooperative so that it can replicated and the surrounding townships can learn from it. After carefully listening to the cooperative head's introduction to the cooperative brand construction, financial channels, traceability system and digital agriculture, Wang Zhaoxian said that great efforts must be make in brand construction and that our rice sold well in the south of China and a good job must be done in the application of the traceability system and digital agriculture to ensure rice could stay in business and earn reputation in the market.
At the same time, Wang Zhaoxian learned that the reason why Qiqihar Newspaper Group selected Chaoyang Village as a base for establishment of a rice cooperation was that the water source, geology and environment here could contribute to the best-quality rice, so "China Crane City Rice" brand, anti-counterfeiting traceability system, satellite and UAV agricultural remote sensing technology and various resources of Qiqihar Newspaper Group were integrated into this joint-stock cooperative. Wang Zhaoxian praised Qiqihar Newspaper Group for its active integration of its high-quality resources during the transition period and participation in the socialized service of agriculture and rural areas, which means "participating in the great agriculture and creating works on the land"
At the beginning of the establishment of Qibao Rice Professional Cooperative, it was positioned to jointly develop the rice industry with Huamin Township, Longjiang County, with the 40,000 mu rice fields in Chaoyang Village as the base, the 210,000 mu of rice in the entire township to be gradually included in the rice industry chain. In terms of breeding, the cooperative has reached an agreement with Dunhuang Seed Industry, a company listed on China's A-Share Market, based on which both parties will jointly construct a high-quality rice seed propagation base; in terms of digital agriculture, the cooperative has reached an agreement with Qiqihar Big Data Co., Ltd. to introduce satellite remote sensing and UAV remote sensing for yield measurement, soil measurement, pest and disease prevention and advancement of precision agriculture; in terms of production management, the cooperative implements unified seedling, unified technology, unified management, unified drying, unified storage, able to realize annual income increase and cost saving of 5 million Yuan; in terms of finance, the cooperative has cooperated with China Construction Bank and Rural Commercial Bank for unified credit and separate borrowing to solve financial bottlenecks and reduce financial costs by 4 million Yuan per year by utilizing CCB's farmer benefiting loans; in terms of risk prevention, through utilization of CCB's hedging and the price index insurance of China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd., planting-related risks can be reduced; in terms of industrial value increase, Qiqihar Newspaper E-commerce's market advantages and brand planning advantages are utilized. Through cooperation with the private enterprise Fuzhong Group, the market can be jointly developed to advance grain head and industry tail and change rice seedling sales to rice sales, and this alone can increase income by 8 million Yuan.

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