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CFHI Saw "All-round Success" in the First Quarter



On April 10, it was learned from CFHI that it achieved good results in all work in the first quarter of the year and completed budget target in terms of main economic indicators like operating income and total profit, successfully realizing "All-round Success" in the first quarter.
In order to achieve the goal of "All-round Success" in the first quarter, CFHI has accelerated the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously developed new business sectors, actively advanced the construction of "CFHI Industrial Park" and worked hard to cultivate and expand new industries and new kinetic energy, realizing significant growth in such new business sectors as new energy, new materials and agricultural machinery and preliminarily forming a new industrial development pattern featuring multipoint support, equal attention to multiple industries and multiple development. At the same time, sticking to market-orientation, the company has constantly improved its market survey and investigation system, attached great importance to internal management and enhanced production and operation, contributing to the continuous improvement in its production and operation.
Currently, CFHI is solidly advancing the "Year of Mind Emancipation" campaign, striving to promote a new round of mind emancipation and major changes in concepts and style to overcome the weak points in the pattern of spiritual thoughts, continuing to deepen the corporate reform, accelerating the pace of independent innovation and increasing efforts in scientific research and development of new products to continuously enhance its innovation power, innovation vitality and innovation strength and move towards higher goals. The picture shows large parts being forged.

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