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Shuishi Forest Spring attracts Russian Tourists for Vacation


 With the continuous development of the tourism industry in our city, a large number of foreign tourists have been attracted here for pleasure. Ang'angxi District Shuishi Forest Spring Resort has become a destination for Russian tourists. Since October last year, Shuishi Forest Spring Resort has received nearly 600 Russian tourists.
Recently, Ang'angxi District Shuishi Forest Spring Resort has once again received tourists from Blagoveshchensk, Amur, Russia, who came here for a seven-day in-depth tour. Shuishi Forest Spring Resort has recommended a number of scenic areas in our city for Russian tourists while receiving them, playing a positive role in promoting the accelerated development of our city's tourism economy.
It is learned that Shuishi Forest Spring Resort has cooperated with Heihe Travel Agency to promote "Health and Wellness Tour". Since October last year, there have been Russian tourists from Hailan Boo and Vladivostok and the tourists who enter China via Manchuria every week. Yang Rui, administrative assistant of the General Manager's Office of Shuishi Forest Spring Resort said, "Russian tourist groups come to Shuishi Forest Spring Resort mainly for hot springs with physiotherapy function. Russian people enjoy hot spring baths very much, feeling it is a good spot for wellness and vacation. " Arranged and recommended by the scenic area, Russian tourists also visits Ang'angxi Railway Station, the Soviet Martyrs Cemetery and Rossia Street. Ang'angxi Railway Station, a century-old station, is a stop of the international train from Beijing to Moscow. Russian tourists have a strong interest in this place.
Wang Lu, Deputy Director of Ang'angxi District Department of Culture, Sports, Radio & Television and Tourism, said that Rossia Street is an exotic tourist attraction created by Angangxi District, and has been included in the list of well-known historical and cultural streets. Last year, the repair of five houses on Rossia Street was completed, followed by greening, lighting infrastructure improvement on Rossia Street and then creation of creation of in-depth wellness tour projects of Shuishi Hot Spring. Coupled with rich ancient cultural resources and ruins museums, it will definitely attract more tourists from home and abroad.

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