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The BHP Ore Trucks to Be Exported to Australia by CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. Ready for Shipment from the Port of Dalian


 After the successful completion of 3,000 C70E gondola cars, there came another good news about the production performance of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.: on April 21, 250 ore trucks to be exported to BHP Billiton Ltd., Australia, were all shipped to the port, marking the company's smooth delivery of the first batch of overseas export orders this year.
BHP Billiton Ltd., Australia, is the world's largest resource company mainly engaged in oil and mineral operation. Over the years, Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. has been sticking to keeping and emphasizing promises, innovating and forging ahead, continuously tracking the long-term development direction of BHP Billiton, and striving to provide BHP Billiton with cost-effective products and thoughtful value-added services. The ore trucks with an axle load of 40 tons that are manufactured by the company for BHP Billiton have become the widely used railway wagons with the largest axle load and the largest carrying capacity in the word.
In January this year, the company received an order contract for production of 250 BHP ore trucks and facing the actual situation of a tight production cycle and high product process and quality requirements, all production units and related departments involved in production actively cooperated with each other and worked together with joint efforts, from planning arrangement to supporting assembly, with measures like holding daily special meetings and technical management personnel keeping track of services at site to strengthen quality management and control, overcome manufacturing bottlenecks, elevating the standardized operation level and promote the production progress with the fastest speed and best solution. Through the efficient cooperation and persistent struggle of all units of the company, this production task was completed successfully.
The successful completion of this production task has brought the number of ore trucks delivered to BHP to over 4000, not only meeting BHP's ore transport and development needs but also further deepening cooperation between both sides and promoting the steady advancement of the company's internationalization strategy.

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