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All Tourism Economy Indicators of Our City Hit a New High in the First Quarter over the Same Period in Previous Years



In the season when the grass turns green and orioles fly, the tourism is heating up. With the "May 1st" mini vacation around the corner, our city's tourism industry is about to enter the "Spring".
Recently, the reporters of the Large Convergence Media Special Report Team of Qiqihar Newspaper Group, divided into several groups, have set out to probe into the operation of a number of scenic spots in our city and their preparations to the coming May Day holiday. Feeling the breath of spring, tourists are feeling more amazed at the "Spring blossoms" ushered in the cultural tourism economy of our city year by year.
"During Qingming mini vacation a short time ago, more than 200 tourists flooded in at 10am alone one day." "One tour group bought cultural and creative products of all kinds..."
It is appropriate to blend culture and tourism as much as possible, with culture promoting the development of culture, tourism manifesting culture. Centering upon the goal of strengthening our city with culture and tourism , with reinforced publicity and recommendation as the driving force, rich product supply as support, reform and innovation as power, enhanced safety supervision as guarantee, our city has advanced the high-speed operation of its cultural and tourism economy, realizing a good start in the first quarter.
A Number of Theme Activities-Heat up in the Off-season
In 2019, the indicators for increase by over 10% in the number of tourists to be received and the total tourism revenue respectively have been determined in Qiqihar Municipal Government's work report.
In spite of the first quarter being a relatively off-season for tourism of our city, driven by the ice and snow industry and the in-depth blending of culture and tourism, centering upon festivals and holidays, winter "Hundred Cultural and Sports Tourism" activities were launched, forming a wonderful tourism atmosphere characterized by presence of themes every week and highlights every day, bringing popularity to our city, contributing to the increase in sales and seat occupancy rate of hotels, restaurants, hot springs, shopping malls, cinemas and tourist souvenirs, realizing gradual heat up in the off-season.
It is learned from Qiqihar Culture, Radio &Television and Tourism Bureau that in the first quarter, the city witnessed sound operation of tourism economy and received tourists of 7.4 million person-times, up 10.7% over the same period in the previous year, with total tourism revenue reaching 4.02 billion Yuan, per capita consumption reaching 543 Yuan, the days of tourists' stay in Qiqihar being 1.9, all indicators hitting a new high compared with the same period in previous years.
Construction of Key Projects-Recommendation Effects Began to Emerge
In 2019, our city is dedicated to advancing 18 key projects in the tourism industry, involving 8 new construction projects and 10 projects under continued construction.
To steadily promote project implementation, our city has established a special investment attraction group and formed 5 investment attraction detachments. They have conducted 13 publicity, recommendation and investment attraction activities in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing, with focus placed in Qiqihar's characteristic BBQ resources, study and research tour and literary and art troupe cooperation,
Through a number of communications and negotiations, Qiqihar has attracted 500 million Yuan's investment in Qiqihar BBQ experience park and the film & television base projects and so far cooperation agreements have been signed.
Led by Vice Mayor Liu Yanfang, a visit has been paid to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen for inspection, negotiation and investment attraction and a number of cooperation agreements on cultural and tourism industrial cooperation with Beijing Poly Theater Group and Laobukui Historical and Cultural Industry Park, etc., have been reached.
Tapping into Innovative Measures-Cultivating New Kinetic Energy for Tourism
In a few days, our city will welcome the first special train involved in Weekend Longjiang Tour Activity on the day of May 1st, and our city has obtained this opportunity by implementing the "Grasping Two Ends to Bring along the Middle" tourism marketing strategy and vigorously developing the "Research and Study" economy and the "Silver Economy".
Our City Constantly Cultivate New Kinetic Energy for Tourism by Relying on Mining Resources
——Relying on the historical opportunity of General Secretary's inspection of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. and CFHI, national defense education-themed boutique tourism routes such as “Pillars of Great Powers” and “Cool Military Industry” to cultivate new kinetic energy for industrial military tourism;
——Relying on the good opportunity of our city's successfully holding the national first study and research tour summit and being awarded the title "China's First Study and Research Tour Destination City", our city has actively promote Feihe to develop and produce research and study food and equipment, filling in a gap in China;
——Relying on such resources as Rossia Avenue and the Soviet Martyrs Cemetery in Ang'angxi District, our city has actively created a wellness highland targeted at Russian tourists.
Besides, our city also takes advantage of conferences and exhibitions to foster and develop new kinetic energy, and innovates marketing modes to foster new kinetic energy and makes full use of various festivals, conferences, exhibitions, sports meetings, expos, sports event platforms and the exchange visits and inspections between government departments to publicize and recommend our city's tourism resources in an all-round manner.
A number of Key Work Tasks-Boosting Tourism Development
With the arrival of the "May 1st" mini vacation, our city will enter the "Spring" of tourism.
It is learned from Qiqihar Culture, Radio &Television and Tourism Bureau that in the first quarter, the city witnessed sound operation of tourism economy and with our city's tourism entering the peak season, an explosive growth in the number of tourist reception and tourism revenue can be expected in the first half of the year, promising to realize increase by 15% and 20% respectively.
It is learned that what our city is to do next is to focus on solidly promoting the construction of key projects in the tourism industry to ensure progress as planned, exerting the brand effect of "Widely Forming Ties with Qiqihar", "I Make Friends with Cranes", "Silver Economy", etc., conducting such activities as "Special Research and Study Trains of Guangzhou and CYTS, etc. going into the Crane City ", "Ten Thousand Students Travelling in the Crane City" and "Hundred Entrepreneurs Travelling in the Crane City", and advancing key works like the resident performance of ice hockey animation, acrobatics, drama and other fine plays in several scenic areas to boost our city's tourism economic indicators to reach new heights.

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