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Li Yugang Visited Gannan County and Emphasized Overall Study and Planning for Accelerating Park Construction and Overall Advancement of Early Landing of Cooperation Projects during Investigation in Shuanghe Farm of Beijing Shounong Food Group


 On April 25, Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Committee and Mayor of Qiqihar City, paid a visit to Gannan County Industrial Park and Shuanghe Farm of Beijing Shounong Food Group for investigation of park construction and preparation for spring plowing.
Secretary-General of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Government also participated in the investigation activity.
In Gannan County Industrial Park, Li Yugang inspected the reserved land in the park, got a detailed understanding of the planning layout, enterprise settlement in the park, etc. listened to the introduction to the economic development zone planning and design, infrastructure construction, the status quo of the enterprises that settled in the park and long-term vision. Li Yugang required that Gannan County should actively mobilize the enthusiasm of the enterprises that settled in the park, give full play to the leading role of dominant industries and leading industries involving milk, meat, sunflower seeds, new energy, and agricultural recycling and provide policy support for scale expansion, market expansion and vitality release to attract more supporting enterprises to settle in the park and improve land utilization. Li Yugang emphasized that all counties and districts of Qiqihar must seize the opportunity to vigorously strengthen park construction and establish a city-wide one chess game thinking for overall research and planning. Overall planning must be developed for park development in terms of industry, scale, transport and radiation, and the park construction investment scale, economic effects and radiation effects must be positioned according to high standards by positively introducing strategic investors.
During the visit to Shuanghe Farm of Beijing Shounong Food Group, Li Yugang successively went deep into Shuanghe Rice Industry, Jingshuang Grain Depot, 10000mu Rice Planting Demonstration Base and Agricultural Management Co., Ltd. to learn about the local park construction, industrial development and grain processing and storage construction, conducted exchange forums with relevant comrades and listened to introduction given by Shuanghe Farm of Beijing Shounong Food Group concerning grain processing, beef cattle and pig slaughtering, raw material supply base, and specialty agricultural products. Li Yugang pointed out that it was required to make full use of the advantage of Shuanghe Farm serving as an important production base for supplying safe foods to Beijing to pull the construction of the provincial-level economic development zone in Gannan County and the state-level industrial park in Meilisi Daur District and further accelerate the county-level economic development of surrounding areas.
Li Yugang emphasized the necessity to attach great importance to cooperation with Shuanghe Farm, scientific planning and intensive land use to ensure simultaneous advancement of the main body of cooperation projects and supporting works; it was required to establish a special group to provide on-site service and policy support for enterprises and timely solve various problems encountered during cooperation; it was required to further improve the preparatory work at the early stage, advance the early landing of cooperation projects through overall planning, accelerate the construction of Shuanghe Farm and make it an highly-efficient industrial demonstration base of Beijing Shounong Food Group and build Qiqihar into a new area for industrial cooperation with Beijing Shounong Food Group to achieve a win-win situation.
During the investigation, Li Yugang also forward specific requirements for preparations for the spring plowing production, planting structure adjustment, comprehensive straw utilization, animal husbandry production and project construction in Gannan County.

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