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Li Yugang Emphasized Grasp of the Good Opportunity to Cooperate with Guangzhou City and Shounong Group to Focus on Park Construction and Project Settlement in the park during Inspection of Park Construction in MeilisiDaur District


 On the morning of April 30, Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Committee and Mayor of Qiqihar City, paid a visit to Meilisi Daur District for special investigation of the construction planning for Qiqihar Characteristics Green Food Industrial Park. Deputy Mayor Yao Qing, and relevant comrades from the Office of Qiqihar Municipal Government, Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau, Qiqihar Natural Resource Bureau and Meilisi Daur District participated in the investigation.
Traveling with light luggage and few attendants all the way, Li Yugang conducted field investigation of planned land, functional layout, infrastructure construction and enterprises that settled in the park in the park area, listened to the park's report on counterpart cooperation with Guangzhou City and Beijing Shounong Food Group. In order to grasp first-hand information, the investigation group checked actual situation of the site item by item against the planning in detail along the park and the surrounding road network and put forward targeted suggestions for road planning, water supply and drainage facilities and future development of park enterprises. Li Yugang fully affirmed the overall development plan for Qiqihar Characteristics Green Food Industrial Park, hoping that Meilisi Daur District and relevant departments could continue to accurately position the development direction of the park and seize the opportunities of Qiqihar's counterpart cooperation with Guangzhou City and Beijing Shounong Food Group and the production expansion of large dairy enterprises to focus on advancing park planning and construction and pulling the development of the park and surrounding areas.
Li Yugang emphasized great important attached to the cooperation with Guangzhou City and Beijing Shounong Food Group and establishment a special group to deeply conduct docking services and policy support, clearly define industrial cooperation conditions and industrial positioning, rationally arrange investment intensity and land utilization rate, and accelerate the introduction of projects; Li Yugang required attention to the scientific nature of planning, adherence to the principle of intensive land conservation, grasp of “green” orientation of the park and industries and transformation of ecological advantages into economic advantages; Li Yugang required attention to the park's long-term development, with the quality of introduced projects guaranteed, the competitiveness and vitality of enterprises improved; Li Yugang required good preparations in all aspects at the early stage, simultaneous advancement of implementation of cooperation projects, expansion construction of infrastructure supporting works, active struggle for policy and fund support from superior departments and solutions to restrictive problems encountered during construction to ensure smooth and efficient project implementation and lay a solid foundation for the development of the park.

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