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The Special "Weekend Longjiang Tour" Tourism Train Enters Its First Stop Qiqihar


 On May 1st, the "Highlight of Weekend Longjiang Tour in the Crane City" and the "Qiqihar Tourism, Culture and Food Treats" series activity was launched at the South Station of Qiqihar Train Station. The special "Weekend Longjiang Tour" Tourism Train entered its first stop Qiqihar and 500 tourists arrived in our city on this sunny spring day to experience the unique charm of the crane city by watch ranches, travelling in Zhalong, tasting delicious foods, visiting the Peace Square and having a pleasant tour around the crane city.
Vice Mayor Liu Yanfang was present at the launching ceremony and announced the start of the tour experience activity with the special "Weekend Longjiang Tour" train's arrival at its first stop Qiqihar.
This "Weekend Longjiang Tour" activity is an important part of Heilongjiang Culture and Tourism Department's publicity and promotion project in 2019, and an effective measure for promoting the growth of tourist sources within Heilongjiang Province and stimulating consumer demand. Qiqihar is an excellent tourist city in China, with five major tourism resources (ecology, ice & snow, industry, agriculture and red history) complementing each other, telling stories of the crane city, reinforcing cultural identity, wetland tour, agricultural tour, military industrial tour and red army tour and research and study tour having their respective features. During the "Weekend Longjiang Tour" activity, our city also brought together various elements such as tourism, culture, sports and food and held Qiqihar tourism, culture and food treats series activities.
The special tourist train carried more than 500 tourists, who arrived in Qiqihar joy and excitement after 1 hour and 52 minutes' train ride. They visited such scenic areas and spots as Feihe Sightseeing Ranch, Zhalong National Nature Reserve, Guandong Food Street and Peace Square and tasted special barbecue of our city to appreciate the beautiful scenes and taste delicious food with unique charm of our city. In the activity, highlights emerged frequently and 500 tourists tasted the unique flavor of Qiqihar barbecue at the same time; our city has constantly strengthened cooperation with Harbin Railway International Travel Service and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement by using this good opportunity of the special training coming to Qiqihar, thereby realizing in-depth blending with tourism enterprises. Meanwhile, our city has launched a mechanism of compensation in advance for tourist complaints to provide guarantee for the safe and orderly development of the tourism market.
The success in this activity is the concentrated presentation of our city's high-quality tourism resources and a concrete manifestation of the leap-forward development of the tourism industry in our city. Taking the integration of culture and tourism as an important opportunity, our city has made great progress in the integrated development of culture and tourism, industrial project promotion and pull by new kinetic energy, and has embarked on an industrial development road characterized by in-depth integration of culture and tourism, sound and efficient market system and steady advancement of project construction.

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