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The Whole City's Rural Economic Operation Realizes a Flying Start in the First Quarter


 Since the beginning of the year, with the advancement of the supply-side structural reform as the main line, the city's preparation for the spring plowing production has been going on in an orderly manner and animal husbandry production, agricultural product processing industry, and farmer transfer and employment have proceeded solidly, with rural economy realizing " a Flying Start in the First Quarter"
All main economic indicators are growing. It is learned that the whole city has seen an output value of 56.48 million Yuan in the planting industry, down 8% year-on-year, 4560.76 million Yuan in animal husbandry, up 4% year-on-year, 70.81 million Yuan, up 7.5% year-on-year, labor income of 4.63 billion Yuan, up 5.4% year-on-year.
The preparation for spring plowing is being made in an orderly manner. The whole city plans to plant about 16.3 million mu corn, about 9.8 million mu soybeans, about 5.5 million mu rice, about 600,000 mu potatoes, about 1.1 million mu economic crops and about 250,000 mu feed crops. The whole city's spring plowing capital demand us 11.63 billion Yuan, showing an increase of 730 million Yuan over the previous year. Currently, the whole city has raised 11.51 billion Yuan, accounting for 99% of actual demand, including 7.87 billion Yuan raised by farmers themselves and issued agricultural loans of 3.59 billion Yuan. A variety of agricultural resources are available to meet the demand. Farmers have purchased and self-prepared seeds of 395,000 tons, accounting for 80% of the total demand. They have purchased 608,000 tons of fertilizers, occupying 86.3% of the demand; 147,000 tons of diesel, accounting for 77.4% of the demand.
The animal husbandry product has increased steadily. The pig slaughter has decreased slightly compared with the same period of last year, but the price has gone up steadily, with the price of pork reaching 22 Yuan per kilogram in March, up 23% MoM over February; the poultry slaughter has increased by 20% YoY, the broiler price being 10.5 Yuan per kilogram, up 5% YoY; the beef cattle and mutton sheep slaughter has increased slightly compared with the same period of last year, with the average price live cattle and live sheep being 26 Yuan per kilogram and 22 Yuan per kilogram respectively, slightly higher than that of the same period of last year; the output of poultry eggs has increased by 8% YoY, with the average price of eggs being 8 Yuan per kilogram, basically the same as that of the same period of last year. The whole city has 35 key projects of modern animal husbandry industry (17 of them involve a total investment amount of 100 million Yuan each), including 19 new products and 16 projects under continued construction; the total investment of fixed assets is 11 billion Yuan, and annual planned investment is 3.25 billion Yuan.
The fishery production has grown fast. The counties (cities) of the city have actively organized ice and snow leisure fisheries, held winter fishing festivals and carried out winter fishing activities by taking advantage of two festivals, i.e. the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, to promote the development of the fishery industry. The whole city's aquatic product output is 1,379 tons, of which aquaculture production is 1014 tons, the fishery output value reaching 13.79 million Yuan, up 9%, 20.1% and 9% YoY respectively.
The agricultural product processing industry has steadily advanced. According to Heilongjiang Province's "Grain Head Food Tail" and "Agriculture Head Industry Tail" strategic deployment, our city's agricultural product processing industry has grown steadily, and a mechanism for survival of the fittest has been adopted for the enterprises above designated size. A batch of enterprises above designated size that suffer poor operation like Keshan Kunfeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Qiqihar Fengyu Rice Industry Co., Ltd. have been eliminated from the list of enterprises above designated size, and 23 enterprises like Heilongjiang Liushuixiang Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. and Qiqihar Huayi Oil Co., Ltd. have been included in the statistical caliber of enterprises above designated size. The whole city plans to advance 46 "Two Heads and Two Tails" projects, involving 31 new projects and 15 projects under continued construction, involving a total investment amount of 14.36 billion Yuan, the annual planned investment of 6.18 billion Yuan. The construction of 11 projects has been commenced or resumed, and currently, investment of 180 million Yuan has been completed. This year, the number of agricultural product processing projects has increased by 3 YoY, including 17 projects involving a total investment amount of over 100 million Yuan each.
Farmers have a wider space for employment and entrepreneurship. By cultivating models, increasing publicity and demonstration guidance, and strengthening policy implementation, the city has effectively expanded the space for farmers' employment and entrepreneurship, mainly shown by diversification in the employment and entrepreneurship field, the main body of employment and entrepreneurship showing a trend dominated by young people, employment and entrepreneurship forms showing an organized manner and the employment and entrepreneurship level showing modernization. In the first quarter, the whole city saw rural labor force transfer of 1.218 million, up 2.6% YoY.

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