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Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Industry Co., Ltd. Expected to Put Its Project into Production in August



The construction of the 150,000-ton/year copper smelting project of Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Industry Co., Ltd., located in Fulaerji District, commenced in May 2017, with its designed capacity of annual production of 150,000 tons of standard cathode copper, 600,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 3 tons of gold and 50 tons of silver. After the project reaches its designated production scale, the annual output value will reach up to 10 billion Yuan, realizing profits and taxes of 500 million Yuan, able to provide job opportunities of about 900. Presently, 95% of civil works and 85% of installation work have been completed, with equipment installation to be completed at the end of June, and the project is expected to be put into production in August.

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