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Capital Agribusiness Group • Qiqihar Industrial Cooperation Docking Exchange Conference Held


 On the morning of the 19th, Capital Agribusiness Group • Qiqihar Industrial Cooperation Docking Exchange Conference was held in a villa in the crane city. City leaders Li Yugang, Wang Yongshi, Yao Qing and main principals from relevant departments directly under Qiqihar Municipal People's Government and relevant counties and districts participated in the exchange docking activity with the exploratory mission group of 8 members, including Chen Fangjun, the directors of Capital Agribusiness Group and Party Secretary of Beijing Ershang Group. Both sides conducted in-depth docking exchange on industrial project cooperation and reached consensus on strengthening communication and coordination, conducting park cooperation, developing five major business formats involving dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, food and vegetables and accelerating industrial cooperation.
Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Qiqihar Municipal People's Government said at the docking exchange conference that the industrial project cooperation between Qiqihar and Capital Agribusiness Group was an important opportunity for both parties to accelerate development and that Qiqihar would, with "Three Parks and Five Industries" as a carrier for cooperation between both parties, create Capital Agribusiness (Qiqihar) Industrial Park in Meilisi Green Food Characteristic Industrial Park and Gannan Economic Development Zone. At the same time, Qiqihar will boost the planting and breeding structure adjustment of Shuanghe Farm and create a state-level modern agricultural demonstration park. Centering upon five directions involving dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, food and vegetables, Qiqihar will implement an industrial format integrating planting, breeding, processing and sales.
Li Yugang wished both sides to realize four synchronizations and work together to promote pragmatic cooperation between two sides, i.e. simultaneous promotion of relevant industries involved in both sides' planning, with continued efforts to be put in communication, especially in food, dairy, grain and vegetable industries; simultaneous planning for advancing the construction of "Three Parks and Five Industries", the time-honored brands and well-known brands of Capital Agribusiness Group, including "Sanyuan" and "Dahongmen" to be welcomed to Qiqihar for inspection and investigation and establishment of processing companies; simultaneous advancement of the projects on which both sides reached consensus, with effective measures to be taken to accelerate advancement, effective construction duration to be utilized to commence construction as soon as possible; simultaneous planning for other relevant industrial projects, with Qiqihar's unique geographical conditions, broad market prospects and high-quality characteristic agricultural and livestock products to be utilized to conduct higher-level cooperation with Capital Agribusiness Food Cooperation in such fields as deep processing of agricultural and livestock products and sales market expansion, reach a strategic cooperation agreement, and strive to make Qiqhar a supply base for "Beijing Vegetable Basket Project", a base for undertaking Capital Agribusiness's industrial project transfer and development and Beijing enclave economic cooperation demonstration base.
Chen Fangjun said during discussion that the on-the-spot visit and inspection allowed him to have a further understanding of Qiqihar and that seen from Qiqihar's resource advantages, industrial base and market characteristics, both sides had great cooperation space. He also expressed his confidence in Qiqihar's investment attraction environment. After return, his side would conduct in-depth research on how to accelerate the implementation of industrial projects and strive to realize project implementation as soon as possible. At the same time, his side would actively contacted Meilisi Daur District, Gannan County and related departments to strengthen communication to lay a solid foundation for development to be promoted next.
During inspection in Qiqihar, accompanied by Vice Mayor Yao Qing, Chen Fangjun and his members also paid a visit to Qiqihar Green Food Characteristic Industrial Park, Gannan County Economic Development Zone, Shuanghe Farm Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, etc. for field inspection and exchange.

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