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Qiqihar Museum Reopened to the Public after Upgrading and Renovation


 After the Labor Day Holiday, with the completion of Qiqihar Museum Renovation Project, all exhibition halls were reopened to the public recently. The newly-decorated museum is expecting the great majority of visitors with a brand new posture.
After entry into the brand new museum, what greets you is the refreshing sunshine hall on the first floor with newly paved brown floor tiles and wall tiles, adding a sense of history to the museum. Besides, the ceiling design, light layout and lifting ropes reflect more humanized functions.
It is learned that starting from February 25th this year, some parts of the museum were closed for upgrading and renovation. All these decorations are based on reference to the decoration styles of other domestic museums. This museum has been open to the public for free for 16 years since it was opened in 2003, resulting in old infrastructure that required urgent renovation. According to Zhang Ruixue, Deputy Director of the museum, this renovation involves upgrading of the infrastructure in the public areas on the first and third floors. Besides, considering the current need to hold exhibitions and the audience's demand for exhibition diversity, the 1st floor sunshine hall has been designed into an exhibition hall that is mobile temporarily.
To solve the problem of insufficient area of the temporary exhibition hall, the newly designed sunshine hall can provide an additional exhibition area of 300 square meters, making full use of the public areas of the museum. Also, to reflect the characteristics of Qiqihar as a state-level well-known historical and cultural city, wall display has been redesigned and will be presented in June.
Zhang Ruixue said that the museum also invited the painters of the China Artists Association to tailor the paintings of major historical subjects for the hall, and such paintings would be hung in the halls on the first floor and the third floor to increase the historical sense of Qiqihar Museum.

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