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Qiqihar Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with PetroChina Heilongjiang Sales Co., Ltd.


 On the evening of the 21st, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Qiqihar and PetroChina Heilongjiang Sales Co., Ltd. was held at Xianhe Hotel.
Sun Shen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Vice Major Yao Qing and relevant leaders from the Office of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Qiqihar Commerce Bureau were present at the ceremony.
Chen Wangyuan, Party Secretary and General Manager of PetroChina Heilongjiang Sales Co., Ltd., Shi Ye, a party committee member and Executive Deputy General Manager of the company, heads of relevant departments of the company, and relevant leaders from PetroChina Qiqihar Branch attended the ceremony.
It is learned that in order to deeply implement the "Five Heads and Five Tails" strategy put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping during inspection in Heilongjiang Province, positively advance the implementation of the "Petroleum Head and Chemical Tail" strategy of the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, carry out the spirit of the Framework Agreement for Deepening Strategic Cooperation signed between Heilongjiang Provincial Government and PetroChina and further enhance the regional energy supply guarantee capacity, Qiqihar formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with PetroChina Heilongjiang Sales Co., Ltd. to further strengthen the cooperation between the government and enterprises and realize the better and faster development of PetroChina in our city, boost the high-quality development of 12 key industries of our city and the dominant industries in the countries(cities) of our city, thereby realizing complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. In the future, PetroChina Heilongjiang Sales Co., Ltd. will invest 600 million Yuan in the construction of an integrated "Oil, Hydrogen and Gas Filling" project, which is of much strategic significance for increasing local tax revenue, developing new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and promoting the accelerated development of enterprises.
At the end of the ceremony, under the witness of the leaders present at the ceremony, Yao Qing and Shi Ye formally signed an agreement.

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