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Qiqihar Planed-based Operation Service Industrial Innovation Alliance Established


 In order to comprehensively promote the construction of the plant protection social service system in our city, on the 22nd, the inaugural meeting of Qiqihar Planed-based Operation Service Industrial Innovation Alliance was held in the Office Center for Qiqihar Party and Government Organs.
Qiqihar, located in the hinterland of the Songnen Plain, one of the world’s three largest black soil zones, at 47° N. Lat., boasting fresh air, excellent water quality and fertile soil, is an ideal place for the development of modern agriculture. In recent years, due to the joint efforts of all parties in the city, Qiqihar has achieved encouraging results in agricultural and rural work, with grain production capacity stabilized at around 30 billion jin per year, the green organic food base area reaching up to over 14 million mu, more than 1500 products passing green, organic and pollution-free agricultural product mark certification, granted 17 "China Special Native Product Homeland" titles consecutively, and has become a national reliable "Large Granary".
The official establishment of the Qiqihar Planed-based Operation Service Industrial Innovation Alliance is an important move for Qiqihar to deeply implement the strategy of developing agriculture through science and technology and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional agriculture. It will establish a platform for exchanges and cooperation between the government, enterprises, socialized service organizations and a new type of agricultural management entity, of great and far-reaching significance for the quality and efficient development of agriculture. From now on, the alliance will take green development of agriculture and the quality and safety of food as its own responsibility, and become a one-stop, standardized and intelligent social service organization to boost the revitalization and development in rural areas.
After the inaugural meeting of the alliance, the Plane-based Operation Technology Forum was held.

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