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Ang'angxi District's Key Investment Attraction-Based Project under Tense



Longjiang Fufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., located in the Ang'angxi District, is a key project involved in our city's investment attraction, with a total planned investment amount of 500 million Yuan for Phase 3 of the project this year, of which 284 million Yuan will be invested in the construction of a 40 thousand tons of potassium sulfate and supporting and technological transformation project, 100 million Yuan to be used for investment in Boiler 5, 86 million Yuan for a dumper-based coal unloading and handling project and 30 million Yuan for a Nenjiang water treatment project. Since project construction commencement in January this year, an investment amount of 194 million Yuan has been completed, occupying 39% of the planned investment amount for the year. This picture shows the site under construction.

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