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Countless Tourists Flooded into Mingyue Island Scenic Area



On "June 1st" Children's Day, Qiqihar Mingyue Island Scenic Area ushered in the first day of receiving guests, and tourists flooded in from the urban area and the suburbs. It is learned that on June 1st, Mingyue Island Scenic Area received more than 8,000 tourists and earned more than 250,000 Yuan, hitting record highs in both.
Cool breezes, green willows and tender grass in Mingyue Island Scenic Area greeted the tourists enjoying the joy and enthusiasm brought by sightseeing throughout the entire scenic area. The repaired small train was put into operation for the first time on the first business day. it ran 17 times on the day of June 1, running 4.5 kilometers in nearly 30 minutes each time, with a total operation length reaching 76.5 kilometers and total running time of 8 and a half hours, creating a record high in terms of the longest running time and largest number of running operations. In order to facilitate tourists to purchase tickets, the scenic area adopted a multi-channel ticket purchasing mode, adding two group and tourist ticket purchase windows on the basis of the original two ticket purchase windows and also added a sightseeing battery car ticket purchase window and temporary ticket sellers for the small sightseeing train. The provision of above-mentioned convenience services created a comfortable and relaxing tour environment for the majority of tourists.
In the past month, the staff of Mingyue Island Scenic Area has been racing against time, earning profits from the market and constantly accelerating and improving input in and construction of infrastructure in the scenic area and increasing scenic area publicity and marketing efforts. The comprehensively upgraded pond moonlight bionic animal zoon area, the naughty fort under construction and the small sightseeing train that has resumed operation, the newly ungraded frog croak creek, floral dock and the patriotic education children's paradise have all become hotspots favored by tourists. On the basis of the original battery car sightseeing experience, the scenic area has added journey experience of small sightseeing trackless trains and self-driving battery cars, allowing tourists to enjoy the scenery from different angles and perspectives.

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