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Jianlong Beiman Constantly Creates a Record High in Terms of Steel Production



According to the statistic data of Jianlong Beiman in May, the company's steel output in May increased by 15% compared with the previous month, creating a record high. On June 1st, another exciting news came that No.1 Steelmaking Factory of Jianlong Beiman produced steel of 60 furnaces, once again creating a record high.
According to the unified deployment of Jianlong Beiman Special Steel Co., Ltd., No.1 Steelmaking Factory of Jianlong Beiman is dedicated to vigorously carrying forward the spirit of demonstrating brilliance, constantly strengthening its executive force, paying close attention to all production goals, consolidating basic management work, increasing efforts in training and supervision management, and striving to create an unstoppable cadre and staff team. Since the completion of the electric furnace wall oxygen gun transformation in May, No. 1 Steelmaking Factory has constantly explored the operation process, gradually improved the electric furnace efficiency and finally achieved the goal of 10-furnace steel output each work shift. In terms of production organization, No. 1 Steelmaking Factory has been organizing production based on steel-iron balance and flexibly grasping the molten iron ratio of primary melting furnaces based on the molten iron amount, thereby guaranteeing the company's overall smooth operation while maximizing the production capacity.
According to relevant personnel, No.1 Steelmaking Factory, dominated by the continuous production of two primary melting furnaces, has organized the start of three continuous casting lines to maximize the smelting efficiency, making daily output constantly creating a record high, reaching up to 58 furnaces and 59 furnaces on May 7th and 20th respectively after 57 furnaces on April 27th. At the same time, No.1 Steelmaking Factory fully mobilizes employees' enthusiasm through work competitions and the effective distribution of “responsibility, rights and benefits”, and links work performance with salaries, constantly elevating the executive force level of most employees by positively motivating and inspiring employees' morale.
On the first day of June, exciting news came that No.1 Steelmaking Factory of Jianlong Beiman produced steel of 60 furnaces, once again creating a record high!
According to a relevant person in charge, constantly creating a record high has strengthened the confidence of the majority of cadres and employees. All employees of Jianlong Beiman will go all out to move towards higher goals. The picture shows the production site of Jianlong Beiman Special Steel Co., Ltd.

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