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Making Project Construction Faster and Quality Better


 - Yi'an Making the Loudest Sound in Industrial Development and Expansion by Emancipating the Mind
Moderate breeze bringing in warmth, everything coming back to life, investment attraction projects are taking root in the land of Yi'an one after another.
From January to April this year, Yi'an County witnessed up to 15 investment attraction-based industrial projects, with the total investment in fixed assets expected to reach 4.06 billion Yuan, involving 10 key industrial projects of Qiqihar City and 10 new construction projects.
The hard-won results are not accidental. Li Yongjun, Secretary of the CPC Yi'an County Party Committee, has said, "It is necessary to consider Yi'an's situation as an outsider from the perspective of the whole city, the whole province and the whole country". Yi'an County's success in investment attraction project construction lies in its constantly increasing its development station, focusing on the whole city's "Three Core Tasks" and "Million and Ten Million " industry doubling plan, constantly emancipating the mind, and constantly solving the “Abolishment and Establishment” and "Adventure and Creation" in the advancement and gradually solving the problems of not daring to seek large projects, not knowing how to attract large enterprises and not optimized business environment, and doing an excellent job in investment attraction and project construction.
"When you are in Yi'an, you are a member of it. The party members and cadres at all levels in the county must do a good job as nannies and service attendants, regard investors as relatives, strive to create a good development environment for them, keep promises and make every effort to create a sound environment of pro-business and focus on business, business stability, business respect and for business to make enterprises invest, get satisfaction and earn profits in Yi'an," said Li Yongjun in a powerful voice.
No pains, no gains. On May 29th, Yi'an County Government held a signing ceremony for three cooperation projects with Fujian Wenshang Baitehui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Fujian Zhuoyi New Energy Development Co., Ltd., involving a total investment amount of 1 billion Yuan. "Yi'an has been constantly optimizing its business environment and has implemented a number of measures for optimizing the work flow, resource allocation, service environment, etc. that benefit both people and enterprises, provided services for constant improvement in the quality and effect of economic and social development and advanced the formation of agglomeration effect of various production elements like projects, funds, technologies, talents, etc. thereby releasing inexhaustible motive force for and infinite vitality of the sustainable development of the county economy, and creating good conditions for investment and development, " said Wang Jiansheng, Chairman of Fujian Wenshang Baitehui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Quanzhou Branch of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce during his speech delivered at the ceremony, which also reflects the reason why more people want to invest in Yi'an.
Over the years, Yi'an county has had unique business cards such as "Hometown of Chinese Five-Colored Soil (Northern Purple Clay) " and "Home of White Geese in China" and the advantages of large wetland ecological environment, and has practically considered industrial project construction as the general focus of elevating the high-quality development level, constantly advance further improvement in economic scale, quality, and efficiency, realized constantly deepening of the industrial clustering strategy and played the strongest sound of the development and growth of the industry.
Goals, methods and action have contributed to the current industrial product construction process characterized by faster speed and higher quality. Centering upon the goal of creating the "Northern Capital of Porcelain", Yi'an County has adopted comprehensive measure for "building parks, collecting elements, getting projects, and providing supporting facilities". Currently, stable living decoration ceramics and large-scale daily-use arts &crafts ceramics project have been formed in the development of the ceramic industry, and the shift from the resource consumption to resource conservation has been accelerated. With the accelerated pace of the "Doubling Plan" of the ceramic industry, the ceramic industry has formed a cluster development trend.
While making the ceramic industry bigger and stronger, Yi'an County has continued to expand the development of the food industry and the rising industrial development curve all the way has shown new hope for boosting development.
At the beginning of the year, Yi'an County formulated the industrial development goal of building the “Goose City of China”. Pulled by Heilongjiang Qingqing Big Goose Breeding Union and the county's Tiange White Goose Union, the scale level of goose breeding has been constantly elevated. Besides the publicity of old brands like Yiboyuan and Yihe, the newly introduced Yiqingyuan Big Goose Processing Project has injected new vigor and vitality into the development of the goose industry of Yi'an County.
Over 21 years of development, Heilongjiang Duiqing Goose Industry Group Co., Ltd. has become the only domestically well-known whole goose industry chain private enterprise. The CPC Yi'an County Party Committee and Yi'an County Government, through detailed comparison with the same industry, based on the unique comprehensive competitive advantages and current status of the supply, production and sales of Duiqing goose industry, has further determined the integrated development strategy of Duiqing goose industry. The Big Goose Industrial Park Project of Heilongjiang Yiqingyuan Goose Industry Co., Ltd., involving a total investment amount of 200 million Yuan, has settled in Yi'an County.
The completion of the project marks Yi'an County's crucial step of Yi'an County's goose industry in terms of foundation construction, intensive processing and external sales, not only injecting a strong impetus into the development of the county's goose industry, but also helping publicize the brand of " Home of White Geese in China " and promote the high-quality development of county-level economy.

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