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 - Kedong County Set off a New Surge of Project Construction
Towering cranes and long wave boom, construction scenes are found in full swing are everywhere; heavy traffic and busy workers, increasingly faster construction speed is stimulating.
Since the beginning of the year, Kedong County has been striving to advance high-quality economic development and actively introducing new projects, fostering new kinetic energy, making project construction seen everywhere, good news flooding in constantly.
At the construction site of Feihe's 40,000 Ton Intelligent Infant Milk Powder Processing Project, machines are roaring and engineering vehicles are coming and going, and workers are busy working. "Our new warehouse will be an integrated building, with the milk powder workshop and the packing workshop to be connected with a corridor to realize the high-speed material transfer," said Project Manager Zhu Wencai. This project involves a planned total investment of 530 million Yuan and an area of 13,000 square meters and the construction of its main body is scheduled to be completed in June, followed by equipment installation and commissioning at the end of the year. After the project is put into production, it is expected to produce 40,000 tons of infant formula milk powder per year and realize sales income of 4 billion Yuan, taxes of 800 million Yuan and additional 100 job opportunities. The completion of the project will further consolidate the dominant position of Kedong Feihe in the dairy market and promote the strategic upgrade of Feihe Dairy and the economic development of Kedong County.
At the construction site of Tengfei Bio-organic Fertilizer Comprehensive Utilization Project at Zhifu Village, Kedong Town, according to Project Manager Xu Ming, this project, invested by Feihe Dairy and constructed by Heilongjiang Tengfei Bio-organic Fertilizer Co., Ltd., involves a planned total investment of 52 million Yuan, planned area of 79,000 square meters, annual production of 100,000 tons of organic fertilizers, annual 240,000 tons of manure to be treated and 60,000 tons of straw. Currently, dredging and foundation construction are underway, and the project is scheduled to be put into production in October 2021. After the project is completed, it will effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by manure and promote the sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry.
At the construction site of the Face Mask Project of Heilongjiang Shihanquan Drinks Co., Ltd., a busy construction scene is also found. "We will construct a beauty factory and develop beauty business," said Mr. Zhang Binsheng, Manager of the company. The company has successfully launched Shihanquan Time Mask after years' research and development, with soda water as the base liquid. The products are currently manufactured by a factory in Guangdong, good response has been received from the early consumer experience activities, and sales have begun at major websites such as Tmall and Jingdong. In order to better develop soda water derivatives in the water source and support the economic development of Kedong County, the company has decided to construct a factory in Kedong. The project mainly involves the construction of such supporting facilities as 4 workshops covering an area of 2,000 square meters, one warehouse of 1500 square meters, testing laboratories and R&D center. Since the construction commencement last year, the construction of the main plant buildings has been completed, and relevant equipment has been ordered. It is expected to be completed and put into production in August and September this year. Shihanquan has taken a key step from single original brand products to the development of high-tech, high value-added products, and the company will definitely develop better and better.
Tengfei 3,000 Ton Feihe Rice Flour Processing Project, Ruiyuan Large-scale Biological Natural Gas and Organic Fertilizer Recycling Comprehensive Utilization Project, SYF Annual 200,000 Ton Natural Soda Water Development and Construction Project, Muyuan 300,000 Ton Feed Processing Project and Annual 300,000 Ton Straw Solidified Fuel Processing Project in new clean energy...the construction resumption of old projects one after another and construction commencement of new projects one by one indicate the surge of project construction set off in Kedong.
The surge of construction commencement and resumption truly reflects Kedong County's great attention to investment attraction and project construction work, with industry support measures and investment attraction plans developed and issued, key leaders personally going to Beijing, Guangdong, Hainan, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, etc. to conduct investment negotiations and project promotion activities, and vigorously advance investment attraction and project construction work; the surge truly reflects Kedong County's persistence in considering project construction as the general focus of accelerating county-level economic development, with business development environment constantly optimized, vitality of economic development actively released, and a development environment that is clean, fair, and honest, trustworthy, open and civilized, and efficient in service being created.
According to Li Haifeng, Director of Kedong County Economic Cooperation Promotion Bureau, the county has held 10 project construction coordination meetings and 13 on-site office meetings to solve problems involved in project advancement and create a good development environment for enterprises. The county has invested in the construction of a 110KV Kenan Substation to meet the electricity demand of existing enterprises and new enterprises to settle in Kedong. This substation was completed and put into use in March this year; 3 electromechanical wells have been dug for the industrial park to solve the problem of water supply to enterprises in the park. At the same time, every effort has been made for the land approval, planning and project initialization for Tengfei organic fertilizer project, Ruiyuan organic fertilizer project, 300,000 ton straw solidified fuel project, new energy charging pile project agreement, effectively advancing project construction. So far, the county has seen 14 projects under construction, including 6 continued projects involving a planned investment amount of 1.095 billion Yuan and 8 new projects to be constructed, involving a contractual investment amount of 808 million Yuan.

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