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Qiqihar Train Company Completed the Production of 1,350 C80 Gondola Cars



On June 24th, Qiqihar Train Company, the core subsidiary of CRRC Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., held a verification ceremony for the completion of self-use gondola cars manufactured for the national energy group Shenhua Railway Freight Car Co., Ltd., marking Qiqihar Train Company's successful completion of the production of 1,350 C80 aluminum alloy gondola cars for Shenhua Railway Freight Car Co., Ltd. and fulfillment of its commitment to the customer.
Qiqihar Train Company has decades of good cooperation and Shenhua Railway Freight Car Co., Ltd. and is a main transportation equipment supplier of Shenhua Railway Freight Car Co., Ltd. The two companies established a cooperative relationship in the 1980s and from initial cooperation to in-depth cooperation and then to efficient cooperation, the cooperative relationship has gradually become the current strategic partnership, showing a profound friendship between the two companies.
Since 2005, the company has relied on its outstanding advantages in the research and development of freight cars to promote Shenhua Railway Freight Car Co., Ltd. to achieve innovative upgrades from transportation with general-purpose gondola cars to personalized special gondola cars and from transportation with single gondola cars to efficient self-unloading coal hopper cars. The company has provided Shenhua Railway Freight Car Co., Ltd. with 17,000 cars of more than 10 types and at the same time it has conducted maintenance services for various types of cars.
In early April of this year, the company received a task of implementing the existing contract for production of C80 aluminum alloy gondola cars for Shenhua Railway Freight Car Co., Ltd. In order to meet the customer's needs to use cars for a hundred-day campaign, the company held a special meeting to carry out overall deployment, and conducted analysis and balance in terms of purchase of raw materials and accessories, process technology, production plan, human resources, quality control, etc. to spare no effort to guarantee a stable production order.
Each production unit and department conducted overall planning centering upon the production of C80 aluminum alloy gondola cars. By locking procurement resources, implementing programs and measures, strengthening organizational efficiency, and implementing special advancement of a pull-type production organization mode, the company increased the daily production of such cars to 32, hitting a record high, and also creating a record of the shortest production cycle of 1,350 cars of this model in 70 days, realizing an organizational mode of fast mobilization, fast production increase and fast production stabilization, completing this production task with high quality and efficiency and meeting the customer's needs.

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