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Qiqihar Grain Bureau Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yuliang Grain Group


 On the morning of July 11, Qiqihar Grain Bureau signed a grain strategic cooperation agreement with Henan Yuliang Grain Group at Xianhe Hotel.
Vice Mayor Wang Yongshi, Deputy Secretary-General of Qiqihar Municipal People's Government and leaders of relevant departments were present at the signing ceremony.
It is learned that in order to implement the spirit of the "13th Five-Year Plan for Development of the Grain Industry" by the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, encourage cooperation of powerful enterprises, mergers and restructuring, accelerate leading agricultural industrialization enterprises' construction of cross-regional grain production, harvest and storage bases and realize the business strategy of large circulation, large trade and large market in the grain industry, Qiqihar Grain Bureau and Henan Yuliang Grain Group Co., Ltd. signed a grain strategic cooperation agreement to further strengthen the cooperation between government and enterprises and promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries of agriculture and achieve complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation. In future, Yuliang Group will conduct cooperation with our city in a number of aspects, including grain trade operation, reorganization and restructuring of grain storage enterprises, deep processing of grain, corn futures business, and land transfer to accelerate the rapid development of the grain industry in our city.

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