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Sun Shen Stressed Promotion of the Transformation of Traditional Industries and Acceleration of Cultivation of New Business Formats during Investigation in the Downtown Area to Provide New Dynamism for the Comprehensive Revitalization and Development of the Crane City


 From July 9th to 10th, Sun Shen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee conducted a field survey on industrial project construction, grassroots party building, crime crackdown, and "Four Mess Removal" of rivers and lakes, environmental sanitation control in Longsha District, Jianhua District and Tiefeng District, listened to the reports of each district during the survey and put forward specific requirements for related work.
Relevant leaders from the Office of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, the Political Research Office of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, the Supervision and Inspection Office of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Organization Department of the CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau, Qiqihar Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Qiqihar Commerce Bureau participated in the survey. During survey in each district, relevant departments fed back the problems found on the spot and made suggestions for how to further do well in each piece of work.
How is project construction going on? What are the difficulties? What is the future development prospect? Construction of industrial projects has always been the focus of Sun Shen. At the construction site of each project in Longsha District, Sun Shen learned in detail about project planning, construction progress, supporting facilities, development expectations, etc., and asked enterprise leaders about the problems they encountered and the difficult problems to be solved. At the same time, Sun Shen required acceleration of project construction and realization of project completion and operation as soon as possible. Sun Shen required that Longsha District should accelerate the implementation of key projects, advance the construction of projects to be implemented at full speed, firmly grasp the location advantages and development trends, seize new opportunities for innovation and development, conduct systematic planning, accelerate the development of modern service industries and new formats, foster new growth momentum, further improve relevant policies, improve service capabilities, create entertainment formats that young people like, actively create an innovation and entrepreneurship environment that can retain talents, form a cluster of characteristic industries as soon as possible, realize innovation drive, and stimulate social consumption and new city vitality.
During the survey in Jianhua District, Sun Shen went to the construction site of each project to conduct field inspection of the progress of industrial project and park construction and guide enterprise development. Sun Shen required that the military academy repair and utilization project should be consistent with military themes, with professional creative teams to be utilized effectively in the operation process, military theme elements to be expressed using sound and photoelectric technology, military music performances to be introduced to create authentic military camp canteens, design souvenirs for military enthusiasts and provide military fan tourists with rice experience. Sun Shen required that Jianhua District should accelerate the development of Tengxiang Casting Industrial Park, effectively undertake non-local industrial transfer, introduce leading enterprises and growth-oriented enterprises, positively bring in new technologies and advance the renovation and upgrading of traditional industries. Jianhua District should pay firm attention to the construction of large projects and comprehensive service projects, accelerate the development of the modern service industry, vigorously foster new industries, new technologies and new business formats, strengthen planning-based guideline, lay out projects in a scientific manner, establish a modern industrial development platform and form industrial agglomeration. Jianhua District should strengthen supporting coordination between various industrial chains, and enhance interaction and cooperation between enterprises to increase the product matching rate, and extend the industrial chain value chain. All relevant departments at the municipal and district levels should vigorously advance project construction, actively provide high-quality services for enterprises, stick to demand orientation and “one policy for one enterprise”, pay equal attention to solving the actual fund and capacity expansion-related issues and focusing on the long-term enterprise development, guide and support enterprises' increased efforts to conduct technological transformation and research and development, help plan new projects and major projects of strategic support significance, and create better conditions for the development of various outstanding enterprises.
During survey in Tiefeng District, Sun Shen paid a visit to the sites of Dongduhui Commercial Complex Project, the Internet Industrial Park Project, and the Century Xiangyun Wind and Solar Energy-based Complementary Power Generation Project. Sun Shen required that Tiefeng District should seize the policy window period and opportunity period without delay, focus on leading industries and advantageous industries, accelerate the planning of a large batch of major projects, conduct business invitation and targeted investment attraction, speed up the advancement of the auto parts integrated logistics industrial park project, guide CRRC to develop venue refrigeration system projects, vigorously attract electric sensitive projects, develop wind power tourism comprehensive development projects and increase experiential leisure shopping business formats. Tiefeng District shall reinforce the efforts in investment attraction and funds selection, promote project implementation and attract more enterprises to settle down with an excellent business environment to constantly enhance the stamina of economic development.
Sun Shen emphasized during survey that industrial project construction shall be firmly grasped as foundation of development all the time and efforts shall be focused on the center of economic construction. The "Top Leaders" of the party and government must focus on the overall work and the construction of industrial projects, stick to top-down transmission of pressure level by level, advance implementation of duties and give encouragement to those who are brave to shoulder responsibilities; the deputy leaders and middle-ranking cadres of the District should further strengthen their sense of responsibility, creatively conduct work and reliably implement work tasks. The cadres who are close to the bottom on the work ranking chart of the entire city and don't dare to assume responsibility or act passively should be replaced without delay. The talent utilization mechanism should be optimized to realize leaders' going up and down.

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