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Production of L70 Grain Hopper Cars Independently Developed by CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. Comprehensively Completed



On August 7th, CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. was busy with “981” production difficulty overcoming when good news came from the front line. Through the hard work of various departments and production units of the company, CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. has comprehensively completed the production of 400 L70 grain hopper cars, once again getting success in “981” production difficulty overcoming.
Since the beginning of June, Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. has had heavy production tasks, and its production and operation has been faced with a tight production situation involving many varieties and urgent delivery periods, crossing production changes between large-volume and small-volume products, mass production and new product preparation. In order to fully respond to customer needs and ensure order fulfillment and delivery, the company has fully launched the “981” production difficulty overcoming battle and has been required to smoothly complete the product tasks like manufacturing of “9” batches of new freight cars, “8” kinds of key components and d “1” series new products. The production of L70 grain hopper cars is just one of the key items.
L70 grain hopper cars, independently developed by Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., are mainly developed by Qiqihar Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., are mainly used for transporting bulk grain goods such as corn, wheat and soybean on standard gauge railways, can meet the automatic loading and unloading operations in large grain depots, etc. and are widely used in transport of grain from north to south and from west to east in China.
In order to ensure the successful completion of the production task of L70 grain hopper cars, the company's Manufacturing Department made overall arrangements in terms of technical drawings, process plans, tooling preparation, SAP data preparation, materials procurement and feed of parts and materials in early June and arranged such key products like monoblock upper center pivots, impact seats, bottom door funnels, and loading flaps item by item. The plan management personnel went to the site and worked with the production units to control the production process of each link, with the concept combining pull production and rhythm production adopted to optimize production shifts and daily output, with difficulty overcoming conducted at stages in a focused manner, the problems that might occur in the production organization process forecast in a timely manner to ensure the demand of the assembly workshop.
To accelerate production, the Freight Car Factory, as an assembly production unit, realized rapid, non-interval and zero-cycle production conversion, and established a special emergency detachment for equipment support to spare no effort to guarantee stable operation. All employees fought against high temperature and extreme heat and made every effort to ensure production, from daily production of 10 cars gradually to daily normal production of 14 cars, and from shipment to completion, completing the production task of 400 cars in only one month and making new achievements in the "981" difficulty overcoming battle.

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