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The "Two Systems" Developed by Abelite Passed the User Acceptance



Recently, good news has come from the Innovation Incubation Center in the High-Tech Wisdom Valley of the Hi-tech Zone, a well-known incubation project in the park that is developed by Abelite, i.e. an intelligent grain acquisition management system and an intelligent vehicle dispatching guidance system, has successfully passed the final acceptance by SDIC Bioenergy (Tieling) Co., Ltd., an enterprise implementing a national project involving annual production of 300,000 tons of fuel ethanol, becoming a pioneer in this field. Abelite Technology Co., Ltd., which has settled in the High-Tech Wisdom Valley of the Hi-tech Zone, boasting excellent Internet of Things cutting-edge technology, advanced automation machinery and complete back-end management software, is a high-tech enterprise and a dual-soft enterprise in the field of automatic identification technology application field in China. Since its settlement, the company, sticking to the principle of excellence, starting from the actual needs of enterprises and combining the unique advantages of the systems, provides enterprises with customized, all-round, multi-angle, high-value-added services throughout the industry chain to help enterprises enhance their market competitiveness while reducing costs for enterprises, thereby gaining high recognition from enterprises.
It is understood that the intelligent grain acquisition management system and the intelligent vehicle dispatching guidance system exhibited smooth operation in the 50-day full-process full-load test performed by SDIC Bioenergy (Tieling) Co., Ltd., with equipment performance and software meeting the enterprise requirements, realizing efficient and smooth running in spite of a high business volume involving purchase of 3,000 ton corn, and shipment of more than 1,000 tons of ethanol and more than 1,000 tons of feed. At the same time, a factory area with nearly 3000 employees, which is normal for an enterprise of the same size under the traditional management mode, has been reduced to one with less than 200 employees, helping the enterprise "Reduce Losses and Increase Benefits" and become an industry benchmark.

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