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Jianlong Beiman Put Line A of "Double-High-Speed Lines" into Production



The "One Million Ton High-speed Wire Rod Production Line" (hereinafter referred to as the "Double High-Speed Lines") Project, in which Jianlong Beiman Special Steel Co., Ltd. has invested more than 1 billion Yuan, is one of the top 100 projects in Heilongjiang Province. Recently, Line A in the project has been officially put into operation and Line B has currently entered the final equipment installation and commissioning stage and will be officially put into production soon.
In the 18m (tall) x 457m (long) workshop of Jianlong Beiman Special Steel Wire Rod Factory, machines roaring, a busy scene found, Line A in the "Double-High-Speed Line" project that was put into operation a month ago- continuous billet casting equipment, is busy with production at full capacity, flaming special steel cast billets are continuously going off the production line one after another from the main rolling line outlet. In the adjacent Line B production area, production equipment has been basically installed, and tens of workers and technical personnel are engaged in the final assembly and commissioning in an orderly in 7 operation areas.
According to Lv Tongtong, Director of Equipment Management Office of Jianlong Beiman Special Steel Wire Rod Factory, since the beginning of July, a large batch of equipment has been mobilized to assist in the construction of Line A. Meanwhile, Line B has been under installation. It is expected that the whole production line will go through hot furnace test run in the middle of September. In 2 to 3 months after being put into operation, Line B can simply reach its designated production scale.
The "Double-High-Speed Line" is known as the “China Merchants Bank” of Jianlong Beiman because small-size wire rods ranging from 5.0mm to 25mm will be manufactured after the "Double-High-Speed Line" is put into production. The strong market demand has not only enriched the varieties of Jianlong Beiman but also directly increased the added value of its products. The finishing mill equipment for Line A of the "Double-High-Speed Line" is designed by SMS Siemag, Germany, and the finishing mill equipment for Line B of the "Double-High-Speed Line" is designed and manufactured by Morgan, America, both of which can realize continuous no-twist rolling. In order to improve product quality, reducing and sizing units have been added to Line B, which can contribute to higher purity of wire rods and make products reach the international first level.
According to Tao Lizhi, Director of the Commodity Billet and Special Steel Wire Rod Division of the Technology Center of Jianlong Beiman, Line B of the Special Steel Wire Rod Factory can manufacture high-end cold heading steel, spring steel, bearing steel, cord steel, etc. Finish rolling equipment is Morgan's state-of-the-art equipment. These products have filled in the gap in the products of Jianlong Beiman.
The "Double-High-Speed Line" project construction is a microcosm of the technological transformation of Jianlong Beiman, with the aim to achieve an optimized process and variety structure, reduce cost, ensure safe, green and environmentally-friendly product and speed up the release of high-quality production capacity and upgrade. In 2017, after Jianlong Group acquired Beiman Special Steel, it planned 18 key products and in 2018, additional 5 projects were planned, involving a total investment amount of 2.2 billion Yuan. After these products achieve their designated production scale, the production capacity of 2.2 million tons of Beigang will be fully released, and the production capacity of iron, steel and wire rods will reach balance, thereby realizing the full coverage of double high-speed lines, large wire rods and small wire rods. Actually, the product construction of Jianlong Beiman has generated some effects. In the first quarter of this year, its production and operation achieved a flying start, with its total industrial output value increasing by 45.06% year-on-year, main business income increasing by 82.06%. After the "Double-High-Speed Line" is put into operation in the second half of the year, the profit level will bring Jianlong Beiman's performance to a higher level. The picture shows Line A of the "Double-High-Speed Line" Project-Continuous Billet Casting Production Line.

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