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Longjiang Fufeng Coal Dumper Automatic Coal Unloading System Officially Put into Operation


 On August 23, machines roaring in the plant building of Qiqihar Longjiang Pufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a train loaded with coal slowly drove into the coal unloading yard, accompanied by majestic whistles. Under the eager attention of everyone, Longjiang, Longjiang Fufeng coal dumper automatic coal unloading system was officially put into operation, which is another train operation efficiency improvement since the special line of the company was opened to traffic, reigniting a "Booster" for "Fufeng Speed".
After Phases I and II of Longjiang Fufeng's 3 million ton corn deep processing project were completed and put into production, at the beginning of this year, Phase III of the project officially commenced, involving planned investment of 500 million Yuan in 2019. The company's other projects, like its annual 150,000 ton organic-inorganic compound fertilizer project, dumper-based coal unloading and handling project, Boiler 5 project, Nenjiang water treatment project are also being advanced simultaneously. It is expected that some works involved in Phase III will be completed at the end of this year. When the whole project is completed in 2022, Longjiang Fufeng's 3 million ton corn deep processing project will make the enterprise a corn intensive processing company with the largest monomer scale and the most advanced technology in the world.
As one of the key projects in Phase III of the project, the dumper coal unloading project involves a total investment amount of 200 million Yuan. The official operation of the project can effectively solve the bottleneck problem with the last mile of the enterprise coal logistics. According to Xu Linguo, Deputy General Manager of Longjiang Fufeng, the company has received vigorous support from the governments at city and district levels, Harbin Railway Bureau and Qiqihar Train Depot from the early design, construction & installation and production & operation of the dumper coal unloading system. All relevant departments have actively provided service for the enterprise and got involved at the early stage, thereby effectively shortening the cycle of project construction and laying a good foundation for the early operation of the project. In the past, it took workers 1 or 2 hours to unload a car of coal, which can be finished in 5 minutes by a dumper. Each train carries 4,400 tons of raw coal and 10 Yuan can be saved per ton. In this way, Longjiang Fufeng can save 50,000 Yuan a day.

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