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Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Construction of Huarui Biomedical Project Held


 On the morning of the 16th, the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Heilongjiang Huarui Biomedical Project, involving an investment amount of 10 billion Yuan by Beijing Taiyin Group, to be undertaken by Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd., was held in Laha Industrial Characteristic Town, Laha Town, Nehe City.
Present at the ceremony were Sun Shen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Guo Changyi, Member of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Leader of the Tour Steering Group of CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, Bai Xianghe, Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Wang Bing, Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Department of Industry and Information, Sun Wenzhi, Deputy Director of Agricultural and Rural Department of Heilongjiang Province, Zhao Jinghai, Deputy Director of Heilongjiang Department of Natural Resources and municipal leaders Jiang Zaicheng, Guo Xiaofeng, Ma Zhijun, Yao Qing, as well as Wang Long, Board Chairman of Beijing Taiyin Group, President Wang Yi of Beijing Taiyin Group, Zhai Yankui, Party Group Secretary and Vice President of Beijing Taiyin Group, Deputy President Qi Lifeng of Beijing Taiyin Group, Board Chairman Bai Xiaohu, Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd., and Board Chairman Yang Cong of Sichuan Hongzhan Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Relevant leaders from the Organization Department of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee, Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau, Qiqihar Commerce Bureau, Qiqihar Natural Resources Bureau, Qiqihar Development and Reform Commission, Qiqihar Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Qiqihar Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Qiqihar Finance Bureau, Qiqihar Ecological Environment Bureau, Qiqihar Market Supervision Bureau, and Qiqihar branches of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Bank of China, Agricultural Development Bank, Agricultural Bank of China respectively, main leaders from the four leading groups of Nehe City and representatives of retired cadres were also present at the ceremony.
Deputy Mayor Yao Qing delivered a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony and Sun Shen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee declared the commence of the groundbreaking ceremony.
Yao Qing said in his speed that Nehe was brave enough to take the lead kin constantly elevating its development level and optimizing its development layout, with large industrial projects as an important engine to boost the high-quality development of the county-level economy, with industrial system thinking and flexible market concepts used in an overall manner, with every effort made to create Laha Industrial Town, forming an industrial base, element support and service guarantee for attracting potential investors, contributing to the signing of the bio-pharmaceutical project involving an investment amount of 10 billion Yuan by Taiyin Group, whose investment in the layout in Nehe is not only a timely grasp of the opportunity for revitalization and development of Northeast China but also shows high trust in Qiqihar's development of ecology.
It is learned that Huarui Biomedical Project, as one of the "100 Largest" "10 Billion" key projects in Heilongjiang Province, involves a planned investment amount of 10 billion Yuan, 5.5 billion Yuan for Phase I of the project and 4.5 billion Yuan for Phase II of the project. The project's planned land area is about 3.226 million square meters (about 5,000 mu), to be devided into five main functional areas, i.e. a fermentation & synthesis area of medicine for human beings, a pesticide fermentation synthesis area, a synthetic vitamin area, a power area and an office & living area. According to the plan, the medicine will be dominated by two categories, i.e. fermented drugs and synthetic drugs, with focus placed on the R&D, production and sales of products of 5 categories, i.e. biopharmaceuticals, synthetic APIs, synthetic vitamins, bio-pesticide and synthetic pesticides, with the aim to continuously optimize the production structure, extend the pharmaceutical industry chain and increase the added value of products through product upgrades and new product research and development. After the whole project is put into production, annual sales income of 11.8 billion Yuan will be achieved and over 3,000 jobs will be offered.

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