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First Batch of Cathode Copper Developed Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Industry Co., Ltd.



Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Co., Ltd., located in the Metal New Material Industrial Park in the southwest of Fulaerji District, has entered the stage of official production after a two-year construction period. The successful development of the first batch of 300 tons of cathode copper manufactured by Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Co., Ltd. marks a new height in the structure and development of the non-ferrous metal smelting industry in our province.
In the blue electrolysis plant with an area of 18,000 square meters, two fully automatic mechanical arms are stacking cathode plates in an orderly manner, after which the cathode plates are transferred by large cranes and inserted into the anode plates in the electrolytic cell. In the plant building, each electrolytic cell is covered with green plastic cloth, and the cathode plates and anode plates that haven't entered the electrolytic cell are neatly placed on the other side of the plant building, except for a few workers in the field who are check whether the electrolytic cells are operating normally, almost no workers be seen in the plant building. According to Cao Hongyou, Director of the Electrolysis Plant of Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Co., Ltd., "The degree of automation in the plant area has reached 80%-90%. Such large production workshops are only equipped with 82 workers, which was unimaginable in the past". Raw core is processed into anodic plates with a purity of 99% of copper through processes like a smelting plant, with stainless steel plates used as cathode plates, followed by 55 anode plates and 54 cathode plates placed in the electrolytic cell alternately, like a sandwich biscuit, one cathode plate inserted between two anode plates. The internationally-used ISA copper electrolytic refining process is used to adsorb high-purity copper onto the cathode plate under the action of direct current, followed by stripping. After a 10-day cycle, a set of electrolysis cells can produce 300 tons of cathode copper with a purity of 99.997%. There are twelve sets of electrolytic cells in the whole electrolysis plant, with an annual output of 150,000 tons.
It is understood that the 150,000 ton cathode copper project of Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Co., Ltd. is designed to realize annual output of 150,000 tons of standard cathode copper, 600,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 3 tons of gold and 50 tons of silver. After the designed scale of the project is achieved, the annual output value will reach 10 billion Yuan and the profit and tax will be 500 million Yuan. It can provide about 900 job opportunities.
As an investment-inviting enterprise, Zijin Copper not only plays a role in stimulating the local economy, but also provides a large number of job opportunities, it has invested 340 million Yuan and discharges treated water, gas and slag according to the latest and most stringent standards superior to the national standards, striving to become a benchmarking enterprise in green metallurgy and a model in intelligent metallurgy in the copper smelting industry. According to Gao Zhihua, an environmental engineer of Heilongjiang Zijin Copper Co., Ltd., in wastewater treatment, a two-stage vulcanization method, biological preparation method, gypsum method, deep desalination and other domestic advanced treatment processes are adopted in terms of wastewater treatment. The treated wastewater has reached comprehensive discharge standard in the copper-nickel-cobalt industry and is used for production recycling and reuse, thereby realizing full recycling of production and achieving zero emission standards.

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