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CFHI Witnessed Remarkable Achievements in the First Three Quarters of the Year


 It has been learned from CFHI recently that CFHI has smoothly achieved the established goal of “completion of 3/4 tasks in the first three quarters of the year” on the basis of "a flying start in January" and "over 50% completed in both aspects in the first half of the year", with the business income from January to September increasing by 124.3% year-on-year, and total profits increasing by 268.5% year on year, laying a solid foundation for unswervingly completing the annual business objectives.
CFHI's remarkable achievements in the first 3 quarters are inseparable from the group's implementation of the spirit of the speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection of CFHI, fulfillment of main body responsibility in work and courage to assume responsibility. At the same time, CFHI will, on the basis of the remarkable achievements made in the first three quarters, stay in good spirit, ride the tide, overcome challenges, strive for victory and unswervingly complete the objectives of all production and operation tasks for the whole year and obtain greater achievements in the new journey of accelerating CFHI's overall revitalization and high-quality development. CFHI will demonstrate its courage to shoulder the obligation of solving "troublesome" issues involved in the key core technology for national major equipment, practically shoulder the historical tasks of maintaining national economic safety, national defense safety, industrial safety and energy safety and make historical contributions in the “area of crucial significance in China's manufacturing industry”.

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