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Joining Hands with Guangdong Foshan, Zhaoqing, Qiqihar Promotes Tourism in the East China Region


 On October 15th and 17th, the “Vigorous Guangdong·Colorful Guangdong, Foshan, Zhaoqing” - Guangdong, Foshan, Zhaoqing Tourism Alliance Promotion Conference, sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, was held in the East China region such as Shanghai and Suzhou. Qiqihar, as Guangzhou's counterpart cooperation city, joined hands with Guangdong, Foshan, Zhaoqing to demonstrate the beautiful scenery of the crane city at the promotion conference held in the two cities above and make them deeply impressed by the delicacies and beautiful scenes of the crane city.
At the promotion conference held in the two cities, Heilongjiang's tourist departments carried out wonderful promotion and formed a “three-win model” with the counterpart cities involved in the cooperation and exchanges. According to the Implementation Plan for Counterpart Cooperation between Heilongjiang Province and Guangdong Province, it is determined that Guangzhou City and Qiqihar City, Foshan City and Shuangyashan City, and Zhaoqing City and Jixi City shall respectively conduct counterpart cooperation. To this end, Qiqihar, as the leading city of the three cities mentioned above in Heilongjiang Province, also participated in the tourism promotion conference and showed the good scenery of the crane city by means of promotional videos and PPT speeches, etc. to recommend the excellent tourist resources to Shanghai and Suzhou, receiving widespread recognition.
As is known to all, Heilongjiang in Northeast China, Shanghai and Suzhou in East China, and Guangdong, Foshan and Zhaoqing in South China have quite different natural scenery, humanities and customs, indicating strong complementary resources and huge space and potential for cooperation and exchanges. At the promotion conference, the representatives from the three regions above exchanges ideas about conducting regional tourism cooperation and realizing a "three win mode" for regional tourism cooperation and exchanges by further expanding and reinforcing tourist source markets, promoting tourist resource sharing, recommending each other's tourist routes, providing tourist resources for each other and offer preferential policies to each other.
It is understand that Qiqihar has obtained new breakthroughs in the cooperation with Guangdong in terms of changing way of thinking and innovating concepts, realizing changes from point to surface. Thanks to this promotion conference, the travel network of members of Guangdong Travel Agency Alliance and Guangzhou Shenlang International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. will come to our city for inspection of the tourist routes and further discussion about cooperation matters.

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