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Li Yugang Met with Entrepreneurs Participating the First Big Data Applications Expo in Qiqihar


 On the evening of the 20th, Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, cordially met with Li Dawei, Vice President of Data Group under Harbin University of Technology, Wang Shoulei, Chairman of Heilongjiang Company of Inspur Group, and Zhang Pengjun, Vice President of H3C, at Xianhe Hotel, and the above entrepreneurs were attending the First Big Data Applications Expo in Qiqihar.
During the interview, Li Yugang, on behalf of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, welcomed the arrival of the entrepreneurs, and made a brief introduction to the situation of our city. Construction of a digital city is of great significance to the development of a city. The collection and applications of data are the foundation for constructing a digital city and have the priority among priorities in the development of a digital city, Li Yugang said. In recent year, Qiqihar city is accelerating the overall revitalization and the full-round revitalization as well as the high-quality development. This city has been continuously deepening the reform and optimizing its business environment. For this purpose, Qiqihar, starting with CeBIT gov, is vigorously promoting the construction of CeBIT gov, transforming the way of government services are provided, improving the convenience and efficiency of government services, so as to promote the development of digital city. As a result, the construction of digital city is the fundamental way to further promote the innovation-driven development and speed up the comprehensive revitalization and the all-round revitalization as well as the high-quality development. In the future, Qiqihar will take construction of CeBIT gov as the breakthrough point, gradually expand the construction of digital city to the equipment manufacturing industry, the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, the service industry and many other sectors. The city will also promote the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and speed up the pace of development of the digital economy of the city.
Li Yugang expressed his wishes for the entrepreneurs to put forward more valuable opinions on The First Big Data Applications Expo in Qiqihar City, so that the Big Data Applications Expo in Qiqihar City will be better and better in the future and become a platform for the government and enterprises to cooperate in building a digital city and extend the exchanges and cooperation between the government and enterprises. Li Yugang expressed his hope for domestic enterprises to actively participate in the construction of Qiqihar Data Dity. Qiqihar will actively create high quality business environment and development conditions for enterprises, jointly promote the construction of Qiqihar Digital City, promote the development of the urban digital economy and achieve win-win results.
During the interview, the entrepreneurs said that they would take Qiqihar City to take The First Big Data Application Expo as an opportunity to extend the exchanges and cooperation with the relevant departments of Qiqihar City, jointly planning the cooperation projects to make their contributions to the development of digital city of Qiqihar.
The relevant responsible comrades of the Municipal Business Bureau attended the meeting.

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