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Forging of Super "Round Cake" Successfully Completed by CFHI


 On October 17, CFHI successfully forged the EO reactor super tube-plate with the largest diameter in China by using the in vitro forging technology initially developed by the company. The super tube-plate forging on the EO reactor are in the form of a circular discus. However it will not be possible for a human being to throw this discus, because it weighs 210t and is equivalent to the height of a three-story building after being erected.
In July this year, the Tianjin R&D Center of CFHI conscientiously implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instruction given when he was inspecting CFHI, relying on the EO reactor manufacture project of Shenghong Petrochemical, assumed the research and development project of EO reactor super tube-sheet. The R&D personnel and the field staff independently designed a whole set of external forging accessories and process control technology by overcoming the conventional design concept and freeing their minds as well as pioneering and innovating.
In the forging, the application of external forging accessories and technology has been realized for the first time in China. The integral forging has broken through the column opening limitation of the hydraulic press in the manufacture of super large forgings, a "troublesome" problem in the manufacturing of super large forging equipment. This has also solved the problems such as hoisting of super large diameter tube-plate, large diameter blank being overturned by 180° in hot state, design and manufacture of 9000mm heating furnace, and accurate movement of the platform in the forging process.
With the successful forging of the super-large tube-plate on the EO reactor by Shenghong Petrochemical, CFHI’s technical personnel’s wish for external forging for many years has been realized. This is also the first large-scale forgings produced with the external technology in China. With the successful implementation of the project, not only the manufacturing cost is reduced, but also the market competitiveness of China in the manufacturing field of large-scale forgings is greatly improved.

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