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Qiqihar City CeBIT Gov Achievements Observation Meeting Held


 On the morning of 21st, Qiqihar CeBIT Gov Achievements Observation Meeting was held in the municipal library. Sun Shen, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang People's Congress and Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Zhang Canxin, Deputy Director of Provincial Business Environment Supervision Bureau, and Xiao Xue, Senior Vice President of Inspur Group, Chairman of Inspur Cloud Service Group, and other leaders and guests attended the meeting. Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Tong Peng, Director of the Municipal NPC Standing Committee, and other leading comrades from the Municipal CPC Committee, the Municipal people's Congress, the municipal government, and the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at or above the municipal level attended the meeting. Meanwhile, more than 200 people from the provincial business bureau, the relevant responsible comrades of the Big Data Center, the leading comrades of the Business Bureau of various prefectures and cities, and journalists of various news media both inside and outside Heilongjiang province were invited to attend the meeting.
In his speech, Sun Shen said that in the past two years, our city has insisted that the weaknesses in the system and mechanism, which hinder the economic and social development, shall be broken down by means of the reform and the reform in the key areas, which is represented by the "Internet + government service", shall be continuously deepened. "To strengthen the government, to facilitate enterprises, to bring convenience to the people" shall be our goal. The application-oriented development shall be highlighted in build a CeBIT gov system which the people will be satisfied with, causing the people to feel the immediate changes. The city is the first to initiate the application of the CeBIT gov big data platform in the whole Heilongjiang province. The rate of complete process online processing has increased from 27% in the same period of last year to 68%, the rate of online real-time processing has been increased from 8% to 36%, of which, the proportion of "One-time processing" is up to 96%. Today's Big Data Applications Expo and CeBIT Gov Achievement Observation Meeting not only show our gratitude to all sectors of society who have been supporting this cause of ours, but also we are to report to the people of crane city. On this basis, we shall continue to extend the construction of “Internet + e-government”, and constantly enhance the satisfaction of the masses. At the city level, we shall further optimize the processes, incorporate more business matters, and improve the quality and efficiency of services provided. We shall constantly open up those isolated information islands and data barriers to promote data sharing. We shall further optimize the service applications and constantly develop new application systems. We shall guide the people to actively adapt to the mode of Internet processing. At the county (city) and district levels should do a good job in their popularization and applications, connecting all the counties (cities), towns and villages into the whole city system, achieving the aim of sharing and connecting with each other, and allowing the broad masses share the achievements of reform and development.
At the end, Sun Shen stressed that The Big Data Applications Expo should not only proceed successfully this year, but also we shall continue this expo every year in the future and let it become a platform for the government and enterprises to work together to build the digital city, extend the exchanges and cooperation between the government and enterprises, obtaining actual achievements and making it a significant and distinctive label of the city.
After the observation meeting, Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Xiao Xue, Senior Vice President of Inspur Group, Chairman of Inspur Cloud Service Group, jointly pressed down the initiator officially launching crane city online APP.
According to information, at the beginning of 2018, the Municipal CPC Committee will incorporate the "Internet + government service", which has been explored and practiced in the past two years, into one of the eight reforms pushed by the main leaders of CPC and government. We shall further improve the top-level design, make "To provide the truest, most thorough, and most satisfactory government service" as the goal in our works, create with every effort the brand of "To strengthen the government, to benefit enterprises, facilitate the people" as well as the mode of government services which highlights the characteristics of Qiqihar. In May 2018, with the initiating of the big data platform of government affairs, which is the earliest in the whole Heilongjiang province, our city has continuously explored the route of reform, which is driven by big data technology applications, has completed the overall planning of "One Cloud". We shall gradually construct a technical system featuring "cloud + digital + application + security". We shall rapidly push the reform to the stage of “CeBIT gov” which uses the data as its core. "Data runs instead people" has become Qiqihar's most distinctive and effective label of reform.
At the scene of the Observation Meeting, different application scenarios of CeBIT gov, such as Municipal Real Estate Registration Center, Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Center, Hecheng (crane city) Notary Office and so on, demonstrated the achievements of "Internet + government service" in our city. Meanwhile, in this autumn in October, a harvest season, they submitted to the city's broad masses and cadres a "warm answer sheet" related to depending of the reform.

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