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Our City Sees Total Tourism Economy Revenue of 14.11 Billion Yuan in the First Three Quarters


 In the first three quarters, the whole city's tourism economy showed a rapid growth trend, achieving a total number of 25.168 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 22.3%; total tourism revenue of 14.11 billion Yuan, up 26.5%; tourists per capita consumption of 560 Yuan, all indicators reaching the best level compared with the data of similar periods.
Constantly Enhanced Appeal to Nonlocal Tourists
According to the statistics of roaming data of the three major operators, from January to September, our city received 17.67 million nonlocal tourists, accounting for 69% of the city's tourists, up 6% year-on-year; 7.498 million local tourists, accounting for 31%.
Seen from tour duration, the residence time of visitors has been significantly extended, with the average number of residence days of tourists to Qiqihar from the outside of Heilongjiang Province reaching 2.6 days, and the tour duration extended by 0.5 days compared with the same period of last year, the average number of residence days of tourists to Qiqihar from the inside of Heilongjiang Province reaching 2.9 days, and the tour duration extended by 0.6 days compared with the same period of last year, indicating with the continuous enrichment of tourism products in our city, two-day and three-day tour have become the main modes of travel for nonlocal tourists.
Seen from tourist unit price, the level of tourists' consumption has increased rapidly. The full-chain support project involving "Eating, Living, Traveling, Tourism, Shopping and Entertainment" into which a lot of efforts have been put has generated great appeal to tourists and prolonged their stay time, contributing to significant increase in the per capita consumption level of tourists coming to our city. In the first half of this year, the per capita consumption level of tourists to Qiqihar was 560 Yuan, an increase of 50 Yuan over the same period of the previous year.
Seen from the proportion of tourists, self-driving tour accounted for a large proportion, with tourists from Heilongjiang Province accounting for 58%, tourists from other provinces accounting for 42%, the main sources of tourists being Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Guangdong, and Jiangsu in order.
Rapidly Increased Tourism Brand Awareness and Influence
After our city was granted the title "National First Destination City for Study Tour" in October, it was granted another title "National Top Ten Industrial Tour Destination Cities" in October, rapidly increasing the brand awareness and influence of the tour destination city.
Centering upon ecological summer heat escape, our city launched the “World's Crane Hometown, Wonderful Place for Summer Heat Escape” brand; centering upon research and study resources, our city launched such brands as "Study Tour City", "I Make Friends of Little Cranes", "Pillars of Great Powers", "Cool Military Industry" and "Scientific Exploration in Zhalong"; centering upon the ice hockey city, our city launched the landmark brand "Amalgamation of Ice and Fire, in Love with a City"; centering upon holidays, our city launched the brand "Tour around Heilongjiang on Weekends, Highlights in the Crane City"; centering upon the provincial capital history, our city launched the brand "World's Crane Hometown, China's Barbeque City, Holy Ice Hockey Place, Former Capital of Heilongjiang", rapidly increasing our city's influence as a tour destination city.
In particular, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the tour activities have presented a diversified trend. Zhalong Wetland Ecotourism, Longsha Zoo and Botanical Garden Animal and Plant Watching Tour, Meris Lake Chrysanthemum Appreciation Tour, Nianzishan Military Tour, Hot Spring Health Tour, Farmhouse Harvest and Picking Tour, Northern Porcelain Capital Leisure Experience Tour, Folk Customs tourist routes and colorful festivals in various counties and districts are welcomed by the great majorities of tourists.
During the "May Day" and "National Day" holidays, Longsha Zoo and Botanical Garden received 80,000 and 70,000 tourists respectively, ranking first among the scenic spots in Heilongjiang Province; Zhalong Scenic Area received 35,000 visitors and 70,000 tourists respectively, showing an increase of 100% and 20% respectively, compared with the same period of last year; Shuishi Hot Spring and 47° N. Lat. Hot Spring adopted measures to restrict the number of tourists.
Enhanced Crane City's Tour Appeal by Means of Tourism Promotion
Through publicity and marketing, exhibition economy and product promotion, etc. our city has enhanced its tour appeal.
In terms of publicity and marketing, our city has advanced the connection between smart tourism and mobile libraries and set up a special module for Qiqihar smart cultural tourism, realizing a tour around the crane city using a mobile phone; in terms of innovative marketing modes, our city has organized a "Five Entering" activity, with tourism enterprises directly entering schools, communities, associations, shopping malls and enterprises to conduct marketing using various platforms and also conducted interactive marketing; our city held the “World's Crane Hometown, Wonderful Place for Summer Heat Escape” promotion conference, opening the prelude of Beijing 10,000 tourists into Qiqihar; our city, as the first city of "Tour around Heilongjiang on Weekends, Highlights in the Crane City" in Heilongjiang Province, has realized normalization of tourist groups coming to Qiqihar. Our city has deepened cooperation with Guangzhou, and Guangzhou has increased a crane city recommendation link in each promotion meeting, providing our city with precious publicity and promotion opportunities.
The role of the exhibition economy is also very significant. Our city has been vigorously developing exhibition economy, and has hosted 3 "Provincial-level" conference and exhibitions activities, i.e. Heilongjiang province-wide "Tour around Heilongjiang on Weekends" field meeting, Heilongjiang province-wide tourism practitioner training conference and Heilongjiang province-wide library business training conference.
At the same time, the first Qiqihar Drama Festival was held, which greatly increased the influence of our city's dramas. Meanwhile, our city promoted "Tourism + Culture", "Tourism + Industrial Military", "Tourism + Agriculture", "Tourism + Food", "Tourism + Sports", "Tourism + Social Undertakings", "Tourism + Foreign Affairs", and the integration of tourism and primary, secondary and tertiary industries has increased kinetic energy.

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