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Li Yugang Led a Delegation to Participate in the Second China International Import Expo (CIIE) and Conducted Door-to-Door Investment Attraction


 From the 3rd to the 7th, Li Yugang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, led a delegation of Qiqihar Municipal People's Government to attend the Second China International Import Expo (CIIE), conducted door-to-door investment attraction activities in the Yangtze River Delta Region, paid a visit a number of well-known domestic large-scale enterprises and reached long-term strategic cooperation consensus with such enterprises.
Li Hongguo, Member of the Standing Committee of Qiqihar Municipal Party Committee of CPC and Deputy Mayor of Qiqihar Municipal People's Government, Deputy Mayor Wang Yongshi and Yao Qing and relevant leaders from Qiqihar Economic Cooperation Bureau and Qiqihar Commerce Bureau participated in the CIIE and investment attraction and inspection activities.
On the 6th, Li Yugang walked into the exhibition areas of equipment, food, agricultural products and automobile industry of the CIIE. Based on Qiqihar's industrial advantages and resources, he conducted exchanges with the persons in charge of such world's well-known enterprises as Hexagon (Sweden), Toyota Group (Japan) and CJ Group (South Korea). In the food exhibition area of CJ Group (South Korea), Li Yugang pointed out after getting a detailed understanding of functional and convenient rice production and processing technology and market sales situation that facing the market demand, functional and personalized healthy foods have become more and more popular among consumers, showing huge development potential. Li Yugang said that Qiqihar City, as an important commodity grain base of China, had high-quality ecological environment and agricultural product resources, suitable for the development of food processing projects, hoping that the leaders of CJ Group could go to Qiqihar for inspection and that both sides could share development opportunities.
After Li Yugang got a detailed understanding of the development status of the equipment industry and the gap and complementarity of our city, he pointed out the development direction of the equipment enterprises in our city and put forward suggestions for improvement, hoping that relevant departments and enterprises should learn from and introduce advanced foreign technology, speed up the transformation and upgrading of the equipment industry in our city and improve development quality.
During the CIIE, Li Yugang also participated in such activities as Heilongjiang (Shanghai) industrial cooperation and exchange-related earnest talk and the meetings between provincial leaders and foreign-funded enterprises.
During the door-to-door investment attraction activities focusing on the Yangtze River Delta Region, Li Yugang visited a number of well-known domestic large-scale enterprises such as Shanghai Yuansheng Food Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Envision Energy Group Co., Ltd., Renhe (Group) Development Co., Ltd. and Bright Dairy Co., Ltd., and reach a long-term strategic cooperation consensus with them. During his visit to Shanghai Yuansheng Food Co., Ltd. Li Yugang conducted negotiations with Lin Tingsheng, President of Shanghai Yuansheng Food Co., Ltd. about the expansion of the Wagyu population and the construction of a new 300,000-ton feed project, and also conducted negotiations with Pan Junrong, President of Taiwan Kung Sing Engineering Corporation about pig and high-grade beef cattle breeding projects. In Envision Group, Li Yugang witnessed the smart wind power project cooperation agreement signed between the enterprise and Longjiang County. In Renhe Group, Li Yugang visited Renhe 863 Science and Technology Park and then conducted cordial meeting with Board Chairman Yang Wenlong of Renhe (Group) Development Co., Ltd. to discuss the company's specific matters related the company's investment in Qiqihar. Li Yugang also conducted in-depth exchanges with Pu Shaohua, Chairman of Bright Dairy Co., Ltd. about its investment in Qiqihar to construct dairy cattle breeding and milk powder production projects, with specific project matters discussed. Pu Shaohua said that the company would conduct animal husbandry supply chain cooperation with Yuanrong Livestock Service Co., Ltd. next to jointly promote the development of related industries in Qiqihar.

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