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Agricultural Socialization Service System Construction Advancement Meeting Held


 In order to create a good policy environment and explore new development modes and new experience, on the afternoon of the 8th, our city held a special conference on advancing agricultural socialization service system construction.
Longjiang Chaoyue Cooperative, Qiqihar Aviation Operation Service Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance, Beijing Yimi Technology Co., Ltd., Anhua Insurance Heilongjiang Company, and Wangchang Agricultural Service Center made typical speeches on social service modes respectively at the meeting; each county (city) reported on the work of socialization service work.
It was pointed out at the meeting that our city began to plan the agricultural socialized service system construction last year. Through one year of exploration and practice, the whole city's agricultural socialization services are in the ascendant, forming a typical mode and useful exploration in terms of agricultural production, standardization operation, financial services, and product traceability. The Plant Protection Aviation Alliance formed a "standard operation + industry standard + data supervision" socialized service mode, Longjiang County Chaoyue Cooperative formed a "full custody" service mode, and China Construction Bank formed a financial cloud digital loan service model, etc., exerting the function of the agricultural public welfare service system.
It was required at the meeting that the agricultural socialized service system should be vigorously developed, which is not only the need to further improve the basic rural operation system, but also the need to guide the organic connection between small farmers and modern agricultural development and an inevitable requirement for promoting the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of agriculture and the overall revitalization of the countryside. The whole city should clearly define overall thinking, accelerate the upgrading of agricultural socialization services, strive to construct a perfect agricultural production service system, a financial and insurance service system, an agricultural marketing service system, an agricultural product inspection and testing agricultural service system, a rural environmental health service system and an agricultural operation and management service system in the whole city by constructing a smart agricultural production platform, a financial and credit big data platform, an agricultural superior product marketing platform, an anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, a rural environmental comprehensive control platform, and an agricultural service big data platform to achieve resource sharing, information symmetry and seamless service connection, realize high -standard agricultural production, high-quality agricultural services, high-level rural management, and fulfill the construction goals of availability of standards for production, data for production and platforms for supervision by 2023.

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