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Qiqihar Saw a Stable and Improved Trend in Labor Dispatching and Human Resources Service work in the First Three Quarters


 In the first three quarters, our city progressed steadily in labor dispatching and human resource service work and continuously improved its employee introduction and export system, contributing to increasingly enriched market service contents, continuously strengthened vitality of employment and entrepreneurship, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of the year-round work.
Currently, the number of human resources service enterprises in our city is 41, including 20 public welfare enterprises and 21 business enterprises. Since the "One Net-based Handling" business was conducted in our city, through online application, immediate handling has been realized, constantly enriching the connotation of the human resources market of each county (city) district.
The number of public welfare enterprises is 20, showing an increase by 5 compared with the previous quarter, including 2 enterprises above the designated size, exhibiting an overall relatively stable operation trend. The 2 enterprises involved in key monitoring saw total operating income of 13.184 million Yuan in the first three quarters, up 19.6% year-on-year. For example, Hongxin Human Resources Service Company saw total operating income and total profit of 8.114 million Yuan and 540,000 Yuan respectively, up 89.5% and 75.9% respectively over the same period of last year. This company has added social security payment business this year, contributing to the rise in the total operating income and total profit.
At the same time, since 2017, our city's has innovatively taken the lead in delegating the labor dispatching management licensing right to each county (city) district, realize "less errands" in the process of enterprises obtaining licenses, bring the number of dispatch service enterprises in the whole city from around 20 to around 80, improving the labor dispatching service function. Currently, our city has 28 labor dispatching enterprises above the designated size or a growth type, including 6 enterprises above the designated size. According to the "Interim Provisions on Labor Dispatching" of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, labor dispatching enterprises shall sign a labor contract with dispatched laborers with a validity period of more than 2 years, which guarantees the labor dispatch enterprises' operating income and the number of employed workers can remain relatively stable within two years.
The 6 enterprises involved in key monitoring saw total operating income of 101.34 million Yuan in the first three quarters, up 21.4% over the same period of last year, with the number of employed workers remaining stable. Some enterprises saw the decrease in the number of employed workers, which is the characteristic of labor dispatching enterprises, caused by the fact that the workers with strong ability involved in labor dispatching can become formal employees, those who fail to meet the requirements will be returned to the company, those who are not adapted to the work intensity resign voluntarily, etc. Besides being closely related to the local economic development situation, some growth-type labor dispatching enterprises have seasonal characteristics due to individual employers. For example, the cooperation units of some labor dispatching enterprises in our city are the grain depots under CGRC. These depots only need manpower during the autumn harvest and after that the agreement is terminated. Therefore, some labor dispatching enterprises see increase in their operating income in the autumn alone and decrease in the in their operating income when the autumn is over.
Seen from the operation in the first three quarters, the development trend throughout the year continued to be stable. Next, Qiqihar Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will carry out the "Going through the Process" work instructions, and fully promote labor dispatch enterprises and human resource service enterprises to enter the labor market to provide enterprises with more efficient and efficient services.

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